Thursday, July 25, 2013

Suesday and goodbyes.

Yesterday Joe had a funeral to go too. One of Joe's work mates whom he car pooled with, died of a heart attack after an operation last week. It's wasn't major surgery as such but it involved some reconstructive surgery on his nose. Five hours after the operation he complained of chest pains which turned out to be two small heart attacks. The operation was done at a private hospital who called an ambulance to take him the 2 mins across the road to the Waikato hospital. He didn't make it, suffering a massive heart attack in the back of the ambulance. He was fifty years old, he leaves behind a wife and 5 year old daughter. Joe said he had fantastic send off and friends told of a full and varied life that was cut far too short. You can never know what is around the corner, live each day as if it's your last.
RIP Rob ♥

Whilst Joe was at the funeral I caught up with Sue and we had a bit of a Suesday. When I got to her house she had a couple of presents for me...
a rather lovely dragonfly tealight holder
and these gorgeous dragonfly earrings. I have a thing for dragonflies.

We managed a few op shop visits yesterday afternoon. The photos are out of sequence really, I would change them but Joe is yelling at me to come and watch Masterchef, so I'll leave it as it is.

SPCA shop a mix of braids ranging from 60c to $2

Cool bottle for the bar-n

 At Save mart more braids 99cents a roll

lovely blouse $6.99
Then after I had paid for the two things above I saw these earrings and brooch they were $2.99 each
I rather like vintage looking jewellry

In Habitat for Humanity I picked up these four jars for 50c each, I'm going to make candle holders out of this space!

Also from HFH this jacket for $7.50

Today we had to go out, I called into Save Mart (another one) looking for a pink tie for Michael (I got 3, he needs one for a party and I couldn't decide which one) and I found this cool hat for $6.99

Another goodbye!
Tomorrow we'll say a fond farewell to our old Landrover that we've used as a farm hack for nearly as long as we've been in NZ. We needed to raise some spending money for our upcoming UK trip and we've managed to finally clear the place of excess vehicles, HOORAH! 
Spending money sorted, weekly budget set and when it's gone it's gone.

I think Joe is going to feel a little sad as it disappears down the drive tomorrow
Right I'm off to watch Masterchef, see ya next time ♥♥


  1. Oh dear, that is way too young to die especially under those circumstances. You certainly cant take life for granted can you? Just never know...

    Some great finds from the op shops there. Our shops seem to be skun out of any decent goodies. I have given up going there anymore. I am thinking that locals are going there to buy stuff cheap and then selling them on those buy swap sell facebook pages...

    I bet your hubby is a little sad at saying good bye to the old land rover. They are a great vehicle!


  2. How sad, what a tragic loss.
    Well done on selling the Landy and for some epic op shop scores. xxx

  3. Funerals can be a real drag.
    Love the brooch and earrings, but especially love the Stones Green Ginger wine bottle!!! Jealous! I love that shit, and drink it in Winter. Goes great with whisky! XXX

  4. How sad to hear about Joe's friend. Life can be very fleeting.

    Love the finds,especially the brooch and earrings! Of course,I would not really have any place to wear them,though The Girls might like them when I gather the eggs!!

  5. Good finds at the op shop; sorry to hear about Joe's work colleague. The weather is really good here at the moment, I don't know when you are coming over? I think it will be a beautiful Autumn... my favourite season. Take care x


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