Friday, July 19, 2013

In and out like a fiddlers elbow!

That is.... in and out of the craft room today. Long story short, original craft room in small room, I outgrew it, I moved into a spare bedroom...lovely...big...BUT it needs to be a bedroom again and so I moved back into the craft room. I have a lot of treasure (or sh*t as someone called it! How wude!) didn't take long to get in a mess!
The photo below shows the 'mess' and after I'd made a start moving it all back out again to await some more shelves to be added...cue Joe! Ooh ooh...I say Joe, sometime this lifetime please!
Oh and guess where it all went again...yep back into the bedroom!
Jaysus! I fear I may lose my mind.....probably have already and it's somewhere under this little lot!
*you might want to enlarge the photos, just click on them and they grow*
After a 2 week wait.....good going for Joe...I got my shelves and then I moved it all back again!
I pimped the door with a sari curtain....
Left side of the room, fabric, name it, it's there...

Right hand station, quilting fabric, patterns and stuff (not sh*t)

There is a cupboard in the had a shelf drought.......
...and now it doesn't!
 By the end of today it looked like this! Innit bootiful?
If I need more space to work in then all I have to do is head up to the barn where I have all the space in the world...see you can have your cake and eat it! Unless you're on a diet in which case best not to have any cake at all! 
Ya know what they say? 
'Little pickers wear bigger knickers!'

As for the dogs, did they help? Did they heck as like!
It's a dogs life!

News from the UK
My niece Emily got Sports Girl of the year at her school. 
An excellent achievement.
Well done Emily.♥
She so obviously gets her sporting prowess from me, but you guessed that already eh?

And that's it for now, I'm off to watch some TV
See ya next time ♥♥♥


  1. Hi Sue, just found you and really enjoyed my visit. Like the work space, its contents may be maligned by some but we know its treasure waiting to be made into a item of beauty.:0)

    Peg x

  2. Good work, it looks so tidy!
    Your doggie pictures are gorgeous, especially that paw close-up. xxx

  3. Hello Peg, so glad you popped by :D Yeah they not of what they speak! haha!
    I doubt it will be tidy for long Vix, but Girl guides honour I will try my best :D

  4. Hi Sue, gosh I'm in the middle of tackling my room of shame at the moment. Dead impressed with yours ! Top job !!!

  5. Oh Sue I loooove your sewing room...You sound like me, I have moved to different spaces and still haven't found a permanent residency for my sewing stuff lol!

    It all looks very organised :)


  6. It'll be a permanent fixture in there now Tanya, mainly because I can't be faffed to move it all again! :D

  7. Thanks Emma, good luck with yours :D

  8. Hi Sue

    I loved having a good ole nosy in your craft room and can only dream of having my own... I must say I have a tolerant husband. At the moment there are patchwork squares over the lounge rug, sewing machine etc on dining table and baskets of wool everywhere. I said to him the other day, "do you like my patchwork?" and he replied he hadn't seen it! What are you working on at the moment? Enjoy your week... thunder storms here, I love this kind of weather x


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