Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Walking on the moon!

Well you would think you were walking on the moon if you were to come down our drive, well at least up until two days ago! It's a bit of a mess eh?

High time something was done...the trailer was hooked up and off we went to a recycling place in town. It has a variety of recycled products such as pavers, paving blocks, railways sleepers and firewood, plus a whole manner of things. You can also buy recycled crushed concrete in varying degrees of crushedness, we bought two trailers of biggish stuff at $12 a scoop as a base, and four of finer stuff at $15.50 a scoop.
Pretty good view of Mt Pirongia as we drove out.

After shovelling 6 trailer loads the drive now looks like this.We'll leave it to settle for about a week and then get some more of the finer stuuf, hire a plate vibrator and bash it all down. That should then last for some time before we need to do it again.
The big bonus now of course is that any owners of small cars won't disappear without a trace down one of those pot holes and I won't look like a nodding dog in the passenger seat!!

Some pics of the moggies
Top two are of Jinx the minx! And she is a blimmin' minx!

And Tiggy Tiggy Toiger! AKA Tiger!

Do you have funny nicknames for your pets?

That's it for today. After a disappointing weigh in at Jenny Craig and a 500gm gain, I've downed 3 large G&Ts in the spa and I'm starting to feel a bit tired!
Have a good day/evening where ever you are

See ya next time ♥♥♥


  1. I love your black cats! I bought a little black manx called Maxie. Unfortunately Maxie turned out to be a Max and is now a whopping 6.5kg and only 10 months old. I really think (and so does he) that he's a dog (we have two huge French Mastiffs) and our pretty little princess kitty, Moet, doesn't stand a chance.

    Cats really are little women in fur coats!


  2. First off, how can you resist bringing home a sleeper car????

    My cat is white in the front and black in the back, with a kind of black saddle over his shoulders, and kind of looks like a big, old bowl of dessert ('cause he is also a wee bit overweight due to his medications).

    So, I call him Puddin' Boy.

  3. Such a beautiful kitty cat!

  4. Jinx is a beauty! Ours are Pig and Squirrel. x


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