Friday, August 16, 2013

Arrived safe and sound.....

After a shaky start by me on the plane with a teensy weeny panic attack, the flight wasn't too bad. It was 11 1/2 hours to LA then 9 1/2 to Heathrow. Yesterday when we got to my mum and dads my sister Sandra had been busy with the banners and banners and a champagne lunch.

Today we walked into Luton town centre and had a wander through the shops. Joe and Michael have bought some running shoes, they are so much cheaper in the UK than NZ, I found a rather nice top which I'll show when I wear it, I've already noticed where the op shops are :D. 

We had lunch with Joe's mum and spent a few hours there when his brother Charles got home
 Joe's mum Mary and Evie

Charles and Joe, a matching pair!


My brother Ian and his family arrived back from a short trip to Hamburg this evening and called in to mum and dads for a while before going of to Sandra's to put a couple of tired boys to bed.
I haven't taken many pic yet but I'll get onto it tomorrow.
Mason (2)  who we met for the first time today

Mum, dad & Michael

Brother Ian and Mason

I'll be back tomorrow with more photos, no real jetlag, just a little tired so I'll be off to my bed now

You can see a few more photos here

bye for now ♥


  1. Bet you will be smothered in love while you are home. God you and your sister are alike, cannot say that about that bald headed brother of yours!! OP SHOPS, how farking grand. I will need photos, lots of photos and a detailed report of course. Remember to give your mum a hug for me and tell your dad, one last wave from me!!

  2. Have a wonderful time while you are back in the UK - do you think of it as 'home' or do you think of NZ as 'home'? This always interests me.

    I am a NZ'er living in the UK, so I have done it the other way round!

    Not that far from Luton!


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