Saturday, August 17, 2013

Too many cooks? No such thing!

Friday the 16th seemed to revolve around family and food and there's no better combination...

Joe and Michael cooking breakfast in mums kitchen

Emily and Mason
Aston the cowboy

Anna the dog with a fascination for DVD players!

Ian, happy in Sandra's kitchen, Masterchump..oops chef! :D

Dad and Joe watching the athletics

Michael seems pretty relaxed in the kitchen too! a dolls pram!

No summer is complete without a jug of Pimms

Zoe, who holds the world record for taking the longest time to grate a lump of cheese!

Nice pinny Michael!

Ninny in a pinny....

Mum getting all mushy listening to a song
(rather too many Baileys)

A Mexican feast

Aston, Julie, Mason and Ian

Mum and dad and me just schwingin'

Two gorgeous girls, obviously get there figures from auntie

Chim chiminee, chim chiminee chim chim cheroo..

We'll be doing much of the same today I expect

See ya later

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  1. Your nieces are stunning and yes it is obvious that they take after you! You all look so happy and relaxed, may that continue!


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