Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Uk trip continued..

I'm afraid I've lost track of the days, so the following photos are just a quick glimpse of how we are filling our days, at the end I've give you the link for the rest on Facebook

Joe's mums garden
 Walking the dog Evie with Mary, Joe's mum

Our old house looking a tad unloved
 Mason catching some Zzzzz's
Aston bright as a button
 BBQ at Sandra's on Sunday 18th, food for Africa
 Me, sister, brother
 With mum & dad

Grandparents and grandchildren, minus Jack who we'll catch up with towards the end of our visit
 Mum & dad, us 3 kids and the grandkids
 ......plus spouses
 Our friends Monica & Trevor with their 4 kids. Monica & I have been friends since high school
Trevor, Finlay, Phoebe, Joe, Michael
Monica, me
Alfie & Rafferty
 Me and my BFF Monica
Yesterday we needed to walk off all that food & booze, so Joe and I walked from mum & dads to Sandras house which took about an hour and half with photo stops
The rose gardens at Memorial park, all that remains of the once beautiful gardens.

Allotments where we had one and grew all our own veg until some scumbag stole our giant pumpkin we grew for Halloween and I never went up there again!
 Stockwood country park
 Checking out the board showing a 2 mile walk
 Golf course
 It doesn't take long to get into the country and soon we were walking through wWheat fields
 Cute house in one of the outlying villages

 I am NOT lost!
 He thinks he knows the way!

More photos here

Off out to catch up with friends soon, tomorrow I may mainly be sporting a hangover


  1. loving the photos, looking forward to more. Remember to drink water!!

  2. What a lovely adventure Sue! Bugger about your pumpkin, yay for lovely long rambly walks (and not getting lost!) and most of all for family reunions! Keep the pics coming.

    Sarah xxx


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