Thursday, August 22, 2013

...and the first week passes in a flash

Last night we caught up with some long time friends at their pretty awesome home, there is something very calming when sitting by water. Joe enjoying a beer.
 This is the life
 Whatever life throws at you at we least we don't have ugly children! :D

 Kyle gone his garden! :D
 The McSwiggans awesome gaffe
 The 'kids'
 Ahhh, now things were starting to get a little blurry!
 I didn't know I could still do that!

A fantastic night with great friends ♥

This morning before we left I took these photos
 Paddy their dog

 Joe fishing for compliments lol :D

Today we went to Dunstable Downs. I've always loved the view up here looking over the patchwork quilt of fields below. We bought a kite, well two were bought and neither would get off the ground! Long story, I will just say however that it was operator error!! lol! 
Some pics here, as before I'll put the link at the end for more photos on Faceache.

 Kite technical department meeting

 Someone let go of the kite! (And it wasn't Aston above!) It was a certain person whose name begins with 'J' and ends in 'e' with an 'o' in the middle!!

More photos here

G'night all


  1. fab photos Sue, looks like Uk is still scorchio like it was on our trip. have fun!!!!

  2. I love this post! Pissed you were with your legs in the air! A kite got webbered! Beautiful photos matey, keep them coming!


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