Friday, August 23, 2013

Celebrating Zoes exam results.... the Green Man Offley. 
My niece Zoe received her exam results today and did really well, so well done Zoe, everyone is very proud of you. ♥
It's been years since we've been here, it was a very nice evening
 Michael & Joe are keeping a score of the beers they try in a little book

 Madness does seem to run in the family!
Decisions. decisions! Which beer?
 The lovely view, still unspoiled after all these years
 A drink before dinner
 Zoe and Emily with a NZ flax in the background

 Worng flash setting for the next few photos! Oops!

 crème brûlée in a vintage teacup
time for bed now!

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  1. You look so happy. Seeing all of your photos is just the best thing ever.

    Ahem. You razz me about the accent marks and have already used them here? Oh, the humanity.



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