Monday, August 26, 2013

Partying the night away with the McSwiggans and a day with Joe's family

Last night was spent at the McSwiggan household again, the lovely place by the big pond. Unfortunately the weather wasn't as kind this time as the heavens opened and it poured. We discovered that the fair was in town and it always rains when the funfair is here!
Just a couple of photos from last night you can see the rest here be warned there are loads and it was a wild night but brilliant fun.


 Porn shoes!

A wild night indeed! Joe and I were the early birds to bed at 4am!

In complete contrast today (Sunday) was spent at Joe's mum for dinner with his family
I'm off to bed, so tired, I'll come and put some more comments on the rest of the photos tomorrow


  1. Excellent party photos!! Glad Michael kept his pants on this time, you got your legs in the air again, and the McSwiggy woman are all gorgeous. Which one is available for you to bring home and marry off to your boy?? Oh and go Joe go, dance moves, woohoo!

  2. Gosh, you are having the time everyone should be able to share with their family. The photos are amazing and, frankly, it is about time that someone tipped you over on purpose. Just saying


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