Tuesday, August 27, 2013

August Bank holiday Monday

Yesterday we met up with friends we made when Michael played football some years ago now, Caddington Tigers they were known as. A get together with them is always fun and yesterday was no exception. We took the 'scenic' route to a pub called the Windmill in Charlton

 Us girls Cheryl, Lynn, Clare, Maureen and moi!
(I am NOT pregnant! Would like to apologise to Jenny Craig for falling off the wagon!)
 The boys Aidan, Michael, Callum, Sean & Liam
 The chaps Steve, Jerry, Sean, Joe & Rob
 Me being the waitress, the pub had lost our email with our orders, so we had to start again
 The barman who chickened out taking new orders! I think we all scared him! We got extra chips and salads on the house!
 The chaps table
 Us girlies!
 Gorgeous boys

A long list of publicans starting in 1846!
 Back at the Rumballs gaffe the fella ponder the meaning of life over the garden fence
 Lynn is a keen horsewoman

 Steve who rustled up an impromptu BBQ, good job Steve!
 The kids
Photo stolen from Lynn! A great day thank you all.

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  1. I think Jenny will accept your holiday due to you being on holiday and we all know, diets and holidays just do not go together.


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