Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Out and about with the Brays

We're staying with our friends Jim & Carolyn for a couple of nights, they live not too far out of the county (Bedfordshire) town of Bedford. The Great River Ouse flows
through the centre and yesterday was such a lovely day it was a hive of activity.

 It's a town full of history and amongst all of the many and varied buildings there are some gems. If you take time to look above the modern facades you can still get a sense of the history here. I wonder how many people stop to really take in their surroundings

Not the best shot I've ever taken, the market stall covers hampered my shot
 I was drawn to the cemetary

 But then this squirrel caught our attention and entertained us with his antics

Today we'll all go over and catch up with Joe's sister Connie at her place.

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  1. Love the photos of your trip! Glad you are enjoying yourself :)


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