Saturday, September 28, 2013

Cleo- getting there

As Cleo is going to be a door stop, I needed to put some weight inside her tummy before I could complete the body. I used a plastic container.....

 I placed it upside down with the lid as so, then filled with stuffing until it was held firmly in place
 I then took the lid off, filled it with river stones and popped the lid back on!
 I hand sewed the base to the body, pushing more filling in as I went.
 and hey presto!
  She still needs her arms and tail, that's tomorrows job.
 Cute eh? Oh and I did her ears too.
 Side on
 She'll be finished tomorrow, it's not very often I get a project finished that quickly!
It's blowing a gale out there still so all I can do is stay indoors and I might as well craft.

I'm off to close all the curtains to shut out that awful weather, sit in my recliner chair and watch the final of Australia's Masterchef (far better than the NZ one) with a cuppa.

Daylight saving starts tomorrow so we lose an hours sleep, I'll just have to stay in bed longer.

Bye for now


  1. Cleo rocks! I have the wanties... re the magazine, for all I know the magazine article is saying "look at this batty bird wrapping a blanket around a mannequin". I haven't bothered to translate the text. I'm off on my second outing on a road bike today - bike inherited from my husband- the seat is like a razor blade and its all very treacherous and alien to me. My husband bought me a bike jacket yesterday and said he was excited to get me some biking gear... wish he felt that way about cashmere!

  2. She is looking great!

  3. How cute is Cleo!! Love her :)

  4. Looking good susan xx


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