Friday, September 27, 2013

The 'townie' comes to visit - and Cleopatra continued

It really hasn't been outdoor weather here the last week or so which means delays to getting out in the garden/farm to get on with some pressing jobs. With such a mild winter this year things never really stopped growing, great for the grass in the paddocks and for happy well fed animals, but it also means that the bloody weeds have kept growing too. Nothing I can do about that right now though and soon we'll be able to start having HelpXers again, so things will begin to get done then.

In the meantime I will have to just do more craft! Tsk, the things we have to endure eh? ;-D

I had a visitor today, Sue came over and brought a project to do, she thought she was the project and I said she was too major to deal with on just one day so she'll have to be  work in progress.
She also brought me over this gorgeous mug, I love it..
Sue's blogged about her visit as she took a whole lot of pics today, and they're bloody fantastic.
Go take a look, here's is a link to her blog you really should check it out.

I carried on with Cleopatra, the appliqueing is taking time, it's not so much the actual sewing of it just the getting all the elements organised to bring it to that stage.
Anyway here she far

Ears to do tomorrow

The pattern called for french knots on the flowers, I used beads....

and I also used them for the 'light' in her eyes

Hoping to start putting the body together tomorrow, this should move a lot quicker as I'll be using the machine for the seams, I could have used it for the appliqueing but it's very calming done by hand

More tomorrow then :D
see ya ♥

 PS thanks for the comments yesterday, some good tips there thanks.
Keep 'em coming x


  1. Cleo is looking pretty good considering I thought you were making an owl!! Thanks for today, the country air has certainly blown the cobwebs outta my brain and I am sleepy.

  2. Great pics,but dont seem to be able to pass on to you xx

  3. sorted it now you may have got a message a few times he he xx

  4. Cleopatra is looking fabulous! Lovely work.

  5. I like the darker colors than the other picture. Will not show dirt so quickly. And, you know me...lurve cats.

    Wendy sure is a chatterbox, yes? :)

  6. She certainly is J, she's me mother! ;)


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