Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thursday craft - Cleopatra

Most Thursdays I go to a small craft group, I've been going for nearly as long as we've lived in this house, so six years now. The group is made up of a few ladies from our road and occasionally some who are not and we meet up at Jan's house. These lovely ladies are responsible for teaching me to quilt and explore other crafts, it's been great fun learning new skills along the way and they have all become firm friends.
Sometimes we organise set projects such as the Christmas round robin quilt below....
...and we hold craft weekends in our barn. So in essence we like to craft...a lot!
I've never really documented any of the Thursday crafts, well not regularly anyway, so I thought I might do that from now on, a regular Thursday craft post.

I always have ongoing projects, UFO's and I should have a another stab at clearing some, but today I fancied doing something new. Last year at our local quilting and crafting show I bought a few patterns that have sat on a  shelf gathering they do! Time to start doing some.

Meet Cleopatra..
 she's going to be a door stop!

Progress today was sloooow, there was a fair bit of fannying around at first but once I got past that I managed to get a fair bit done before coming home and finishing the appliqueing.
This part is her tummy
all hand appliqued

Right I'm off to get some dinner, it's 7.15pm and I haven't had anything yet!
Back on Jenny Craig for four weeks, the four weeks bought and paid for when in the UK.
This is the last of the JC food I'm having, I want real food!
I didn't even bother getting weighed when I picked it up, I've got my own scales and I'll just do my own thing. JC is good, does work if you are committed, but long time? Nah! If it goes on too long it gets boring and I miss eating all the lovely meat we have in our freezer.

I am going now, see ya next time ♥


  1. She will be cute. Does a brick fit inside her? Lentils? Buckshot? Leftovers?

    Maybe seeing your crafts will get me doing something useful, too.

  2. Cleopatra is gorgeous, I can't wait to see her finished!
    Well done on getting back to the diet. x

  3. I think buckshot J, now who can I shoot? Where's me list :D
    Oh Vix I so wish I had your figure, I used to, a long time ago :D Aim to carry on with Cleo today. ♥

  4. Love Cleopatra can't wait to see her finished. Don't put any food like lentals as it attracts vermon and you can't have Cleopatra with a hole in her!! Sand in a bag is great and the right weight to hold the door open. Looking forward to your crafty Thursday updates.

  5. Hi Louise Jane, thanks for the tip, I have some plastic containers that I thought I might fill with river stones, or sand as you say, cheers x

  6. Hi Sue, love Cleopatra already. It's funny because I was looking at the exact same shaped cat doorstop at a car boot on Sunday and thought my cat mad friend would love one. the one at the boot was too stinky to be saved, even to take the pattern from it. a big yes to your offer to share how to get matching seams. With the last panel I ironed the seams open and this gave me far better results. I had read that seams should be sewn to one side. Looking forward to crafty Thursdays x


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