Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday Meanderings - 10 things that made me smile today

1) Hooky fun, a new stripey bag
2)  Bulbalicious bulbs
3) Flowers wrapped around each other
 4) Violas with faces pointing to the sun
5) Dancing tulips in the breeze
6) A ballet dancing goat
7)  Signs of new life
 8) Bluebells hiding behind the hedge
 9) A cabbage soon to be ready for eating
10) Contented dogs

What made you smile today?


  1. I will be that a big part of the canine contentment is that you are home again.

  2. So glad your bulbs all waited for you to get home!! They look awesome!!

  3. your bag is looking great... i'm still in bed, but my husband had a little dance in the bedroom when he was getting ready for work and that made me laugh. we have started going to yoga on a tues night and I feel stiff as a board this morning. he is an ironman I suppose so a bit of yoga isn't going to wreck him! Love all that is happening in your garden... i'm enjoying autumn here and seeing the trees change colour. Hope you have a beautiful day x


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