Thursday, September 19, 2013

Jetlag, slept a week, woke in time for Suesday

We arrived back in NZ the morning of last Thursday, a whole week ago! Half of that week was lost, I slept for most of it and felt ill for the rest, it wasn't until Tuesday of this week that I started to feel better. I felt like I had had the stuffing knocked out of me, after playing with my Google I found out that I had jet lag! I always used to think that it was a phantom thing and people were just soft, boy was I wrong about that. Luckily I was recuperated enough to partake of little Op shopping and the first Suesday in what seems like an age. The sun shone (it's gone this morning, make up yer mind would ya!) and although there was nip in the breeze it was a perfect day. We visited all the usual haunts, it appeared that I was missed (sales dropped) and although pickings were slim (same shit, different day) I managed to come home with a few finds.

A pair of bag handles and glass lamp shade for a summer project I have up my sleeve
 and a top from the Sallies in town

I found a Union Jack too, Sue took the picture below and I stole it from her blog. Stephanie (also in the photo) is over from the UK visiting NZ,
as you can see she is exhibiting signs of the stiff upper lip us Brits are renowned for! (Yeah right)
I didn't take any photos whilst out so if you want to go and take a look here at Sue's on her blog

Just a short blog post today, as I'm still not fully into the swing of it.
Here are links to the UK albums again,
Album 2 first with photos added of the last night get together at the Brache pub here
Album 1 here 
A night at the McSwiggans here

A big thank you to all of our family and friends in the Uk for making it such a great trip, we look forward to seeing you all again in NZ soon.
Also a big thank you to those of you who followed our trip through Facebook and here and for all of you lovely comments, they are always much appreciated.

Will be back soon with more updates on Living the Good Life here in NZ

See ya soon

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  1. Welcome home! The only downer with trips to India is the jet lag. it seems to get worse before it gets better. How the hell my bro went straight to work for a 12 hour shift the day after flying back from NZ earlier this year is beyond me. x


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