Monday, September 09, 2013

A birthday, a get together and a game of rugby..

The first week of September is full of birthdays, yesterday was dad's turn. One of my cousins gave him a Happy 70th card, he's a bit older than that but he said he'd take it thanks very much. A whole of heap rellies came up from Kent to see us and my sister Sandra and her hubby Cahal played host again and did a fantastic job. Top notch catering, plenty of food, drinks and great company. 

Cahal and John
 Dad, Sue & Mum
 Alex, Zoe & Jack
 Pete, Sandra & Anne
 Julie, Sharon, Debbie & Ian
 Zara & Millie
 Sharon & Sandra....say no more!
 Tena lady anyone?
 There was no stopping them!
 Steve, Keving, Amy, Tracey, Chloe & Dominic
Joe and Michael were playing rugby that afternoon too, so everything got a little pushed for time. It's the first and last game that they will ever play together, Joe has most definately retired he said this morning as he hobbled around. It had all been pre-arranged before we came, some of Joe's old rugby mates are still associated with Vauxhall Motors RFC and they got the ball rolling, no pun intended! They had a  couple of training sessions prior to the game yesterday, after fifteen minutes of the first Joe pulled a calf muscle and had to see his old physio who thought it highly amusing that he had come all the way from New Zealand for a game of rugby and had to see her after just fifteen minutes of training, but that's our Joe. The game was delayed an hour which was a bit of a pain as it meant Joe and Michael literally only saw some rellies for a few minutes, a shame but that's the way it is sometimes, it's hard to try and squeeze everything in even though we've been here for a month.

Some of the moments from the game, 
Vauxhall lost right at the end sadly but they really enjoyed the game

Today Sunday has been lovely and we're about to go out again!
Only two more sleeps and we'll be heading home.

See you tomorrow ♥


  1. Gosh hasn't your time here gone quickly? I can imagine that you will be ready to go home to NZ though. How I wish I was going on that plane with you! Especially now the temperature has dropped here!

  2. I am a Wally. I read the photo captions from the bottom of the photo. I thought Jack was a nickname for that lady and it wasn't till I saw a bemused looking lad called Anne that I sussed it all out.

  3. yayayayayayayaya!!! your coming home!!


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