Saturday, September 07, 2013

Week 3: The food and booze fest and visiting continues!

After leaving Joe's Auntie Margaret's in Salisbury we headed to my long time high school friends Monica's place to stay with her and her family. Their oldest daughter Phoebe turned sweet sixteen on the 4th September, she was back to school that week so we went up the weekend before.
I'm trying to bring this up to date as Saturday is a full on day.
Warning: Picture heavy! 
Friday 30th August
Toasting marshmallows

Saturday 31st August
Us girls had a shopping trip into Basingstoke town centre and I found a few things I needed for my new camera, one of those things was a remote shutter thingie, much prancing about was had!
 Out for a Chinese meal that night to celebrate Phoebes 16th
 The boys, Alfie, Finlay & Rafferty
 Me and the old man!
 Me and my bestie, Monica
 One of my most fav meals in the world, crispy duck, hoisin sauce and pancakes!
 The birthday girl ♥

We headed back to Luton on Sunday after filling our bellies with a lovely roast dinner!
You may well have noticed there is a common theme running through these and booze!
Detox and diet when we get back ;-D

Monday 2nd September
When we were here 5 years ago there was one friend I really regretted not having the time to see, I should have made the time, no excuses. The 2nd of September is her birthday and we arranged to meet up with her and her lovely family. It wasn't quite everyone but it was so lovely to see them all, especially 7 of her 9 grandchildren (all 9 and under!)
Diane and I have known each other since we were 5 years old, 45 years is a long time to know someone. She married at 18, had the first of her 4 children the following year. Her oldest is my godson. 3 of her children have 9 kids between them and they are the most beautiful children.
Here are 7 of them, aren't they gorgeous?
 What a handsome crowd

♥ May we always be friends♥

Tuesday 3rd September
It was mums birthday today and rather than go out for dinner we cooked instead
 Prawn cocktail

 Roast lamb

 Silly buggers, gotta luv that remote shutter thingummy

Wednesday 4th September
The first week of September is full of birthdays, today was Joe's brother Charles's birthday. We went along to the Sugar Loaf, which is just along the road. We had a late lunch and were joined by some of his friends, some we know too from way back it was a fun day
First though some pics after playing with the camera

Joe gets his hair cut, by the council!!

 Fly(just in case you didn't know)
 Busy bee taken by Michael with my zoom

 Okay now we're at the pub, Charles opening a complimentary bottle of bubbles

 Someone being a tease, he's not quite 60 lol

 And finally (thank gawd for that I hear you sigh!)

Thursday 5th September
Yesterday we drove to Halstead in Essex to visit with my Auntie Lenna, she'll be 90 years old in October. Recently she received an award from the Mayor for her services to the community. She's led a very active life what with the Girl Guides and her local bowling club, in fact the list goes on. She's pretty amazing really. She shouted us lunch in a local pub.......
(YES I know! Another one, but what can ya do! hahaha)
The Locomotive, Halstead, Essex
 It's a pretty old pub
One very large serving of ice cream!

And that's it! Crikey that was a mission.
Only 3 more full days to go, we fly out next Tuesday

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