Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday meanderings - Cat-tiness.....

It's not been the kind of day that you would want to meander around the farm, what with almost four seasons in a day. Needless to say I never got to Spotlight, I couldn't be arsed with driving into town.
So we'll meander around the house instead......

Cleopatra is not alone, I have a few catty things around the home

Not quite sure what these are made of but they heavy and cold stone like stuff!

A pottery cat, odd looking I know but he does have a certain appeal

Lightweight wood, possible balsa, this one has nearly been returned to the op shop, he is constantly falling off the shelf when I dust, luckily that doesn't happen too often!

My collection of Quarry critter cats, made of quarry stone. All of them have names that begin with 'C'
(you might want to enlarge this one)

This is Chico - of course he is :D

The madam herself, Jinx the Minx

Execu-cats, Jinx in ambush mode and Tiger in a box! That's them to the tee!
(found at an opshop)

The 'wobbly head' cat will meet you at the door along with her doggy friend

This one hangs on the wall

 ..and last but by no means least Tiger (Tiggy tiggy toiger) he's dah man! ♥

I suppose you could call them a bit of a collection, what do you collect?

See ya next time ♥


  1. Dust? What is that LOL? I collect fur bunnies (what we call dust collections here in Australia)!!! Seriously though I collect iris plants/pictures/art work and chickens both real and fake ones.

  2. Tiger and Jinx are such handsome beasts. There's a right old collection going on there. I think you already know what weird stuff I collect! x

  3. Hmmm..looking around I don't really collect anything I guess,with the exception of books! I do love cats though. I guess hubby keeps me from collecting real ones :)

  4. 3 makes a collection...I certainly so call that a collection! I loev the blue one, but Jinx and Tiger totally make my heart beat faster! I love pookies!
    I think it's obvious what I collect......EVERYTHING!!! Well, not really!

  5. I used to have a couple of those. Go figure, all the way over here.

    I had a pair of the wooden ones that sit on the shelf with their hangy legs.

    The ones that are stone are crushed stone, glued together and carved or molded. Kind of like that marble stuff, alabaster eggs and like that.

    All that are left are a few pewter ones that one of my rummage sale helpers took so that I would not sell them, and gave them back to me when I found a place to live.

    I think there are a couple of little stuffed ones, too. I used to have one in the car that looked a little like my cat.


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