Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Making the most of the good weather

It's amazing how quickly a garden can grow in a month while you're away, actually lets rephrase that, it's amazing how quickly the bloody weeds can grow when you're away for a month. I used to look at  all of the garden as one big job and sit in  a darkened room and sob! It all seemed so much work. I have learned though that trying to get everything done at once is impossible, so now I do one job at a time (this does not apply to craft project because that would be silly) after all Rome wasn't built in a day was it? The last couple of days have been lovely so I've made the most of them (I haven't had a car so I been stranded is what really happened) I managed to catch up on all the washing and even cleaned the house! Annnnnd I started weeding the driveway border...again. I seriously hate weeding this one, it's so flipping long, it slopes and the roots seem to hang on to the soil like their life depends on it! Well I suppose it does really...

This is how the border looked yesterday when I started it, this section is right by the cattle grid/stop as you come off the road and down our drive. Normally I spray the weeds along the edge and that kills them, but when they come back they come back with a vengeance. So I digging or pulling them by hand, it's hard going. So far I've filled 4 wheelbarrow loads and I have to wheel it quite a way to where we dump all the garden rubbish. 

This is looking back up the drive, this end of the border is the worst part and I'm not looking forward to doing that bit at all. We will be having some HelpXers in 3 weeks or so, I have plenty for them to do and so does Joe. I think we might have a constant flow over the summer and autumn. 
They really are a godsend

 This is a photo of the section I have cleared of weeds so far, I've dug out all that horrible green weed stuff that was at the bottom edge of the border/drive. Bloody nightmare that stuff. I've had a good workout though so if I'm not a skinny minny by the end of the job I'll want to know why!

 This is the next bit to do, not sure if I'll get chance tomorrow, got lots on.

So looking back down the drive and it's a lot better don't you think. I'm going to buy a whole heap of ground cover plants to fill those spaces in, I have to cut down on the maintenance of this border, especially as we're going to start planning the layout for the main garden around the house soon.

This magnolia is right near the entrance, it's had one flower on it in the 6 years since living here. I think it has to go, I've got some yukkas under planted and once they get bigger it'll come down.

I'm off to rest my aching body in the spa, Thursday craft tomorrow, though I'm not sure I'll make the whole day. I'll just grab a UFO and work on getting one finished.

See you next time

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  1. What a massive job, well done to making progress. x


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