Thursday, October 03, 2013

Thursday craft - Working on a UFO

UnFinished Object if you wasn't sure what that meant. I found this beautiful hexagon quilt some time ago in an op shop. It had never been finished.....

Someone had spent hours and hours lovingly sewing hundreds of tiny hexagons together by hand...

It must be quite old as some of the hexagons had holes in and some of the fabric was just disintegrating, so I'm covering the holes with hearts and flowers and appliqueing by hand...

Today at craft I cut out some hearts & flowers and ironed them on with that iron on stuff (technical ain't I?) and they're are ready to be appliqued. I didn't get a full day there today so it doesn't sound like I've done much, but as with so many crafts there's always lots of faffing!

Off to watch TV now, we've just been out for a curry at our fav restuarant, it was lovely as usual.

Anyone up for a UFO challenge? Reckon it's we had another eh?

See ya soon ♥


  1. I like the fancy bits you are hand stitching over the holes, its gonna be great when it is no longer a UFO and just a FO!!

  2. I would love to have found this quilt... I think it is beyond wonderful. Where will it go when its finished?

  3. Loving that hexagon quilt and what you are doing to repair it. Will look fabulous when it is no longer an UFO ;-)

    Thanks for your lovely kind comments and words of wisdom....I have a few ideas in mind that I am going to talk to DH about...just waiting for the right time!

  4. I agree with everyone in the Universe...that quilt top is outstanding. Kind of nice that it has worn/disintegrating, and you can put your own self onto it. Where will you use it?

  5. What a find! Those heart shaped patches are inspired! x


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