Sunday, October 06, 2013

Day trip to Tirau & Taupo and remembering

Yesterday (Saturday 5th Oct) we needed to meet up with someone in Taupo, we didn't need to be there until 1pm, so on the way we stopped for a wander in Tirau. If you've been following for a while you will have seen lots of similar photos before but I always think some places are always worth a revisit. Today was no exception, I love Tirau and I doubt I would ever tire of it and it's lovely shops, anyplace looks especially lovely when the sun is shining...
 After a wander and a coffee we carried on to Taupo and we parked up overlooking the lake, the sun was shining and it was getting pretty warm. I love the couple on the bench, that'll be me and Joe in a few years time. That sailing yacht timed it perfectly and I rather like the shot of it with the mountains behind, that one might well be put on a canvas for the wall sometime.
 The Gypsy fair was in town and I always like to wander around, the colours are always lovely and bright, there were a few stalls selling all sorts of things and there seemed to be an awful lot of palm  and Tarot card readers, you would have thought they would have 'known' there would be others!
 Always love the converted Bedford trucks, built in Bedford (funnily enough) not too far from where we're originally from, also I blogged about our visit to Bedford when we were in the UK, see here
 We had a very nice lunch at the Waterside restaurant and bar and the view took some beating
 Lunch and of course a glass of wine
 We decided we needed to work the lunch off so went for a walk and came across the harbour, we never even knew it was there, well ya learn summat new everyday. It was rather lovely and there were pleasure flights, helicopter rides and chartered boat trips, we decided to come back and try these one day, probably the boat cruise for me the other two options don't appeal quite so much to me!

Then it was time to start heading back but not before we stopped at Huka falls, the start of the mighty Waikato River. Here the colour of the water is stunning and the sheer power of it as it rushes past under the bridge is awesome. I just love it here, one day we will get the walking shoes on and walk one of the many pathways here. You can bike them but I'm not overly keen on cycling.
Yesterday was also a very special little girls birthday, the daughter of friends, sadly she is no longer with us but it doesn't stop us remembering her always. Happy 19th birthday Shannon ♥

Today Sunday was a day for pottering in the garden, tomorrow will be the same, weather permitting

see ya next time♥


  1. Yep that will be you and Joe but not in a few years, in a lot of years, you are not grey enough yet. Note the gap between them!! Good day for a road trip to places starting with T.

  2. That looks a gorgeous place! We love Bedford vans, they were the alternative if we couldn't find an affordable VW! x

  3. Love your photos, it looks like a beautiful day trip. Did you get your cards read?

  4. Hi Sue, I will photograph the page in the crochet book for you so you can have the pattern. I did look on ravelry and couldn't find it. It is easy peasy... I do tarot for myself every now and then and go to a spiritualist church...

  5. I love living through your adventures. And, I think I enjoy all of the place names the most.

    Everyone who does tarot, raise you hands...alright, go back to typing. :)


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