Monday, October 07, 2013

Monday meanderings - In the garden and other stuff

Yesterday we did some gardening, well weeding really, it's an ongoing thing as in like forever!
Joe tidied the 'soon to be a proper greenhouse, only been a frame for ages' area

 It looked better after a couple of hours, even the hedge got a trim

 Not wanting to waste all of the hedge trimmings I've got some in trays which I dipped in hormone rooting powder and hopefully I'll save a small fortune on hedging for the garden. My strawberries patch is a mess..on to do list. And tiny little purple flowers on the pittosporum hedge, cute.

We have some ferns growing behind the water tank, one is quite big and is unfurling a new frond called a koru (loop) in Maori, isn't it just beautiful?

The girls

Poplar trunks

Jinx the gymnast

Max smells a rat!

Clyde sulking ('But I really wanted to herd the goats..humph!)

Perhaps the rat came this way....or was it a possum?

Clyde needs a bigger stick!

Tiger blending in with his's what tigers do..

..and now I'm off to put my feet up and do some crocheting (another bag, I'll explain about the other one another day) and as Joe is on nights and I'm home alone I'm going to watch my fav programmes!

See ya next time ♥


  1. I love the stick Clyde chose!

  2. The garden is looking good - always weeding to do, it is never ending!

    Loving the crochet bag, I made one of these several years ago now. It looks like the pattern from Lucy's Attic?

    Great photos of the animals. Loving your goats.

  3. Looking good,goats look well,and max and clyde and tiger jinx getting there ,speak soon xx

  4. You live in paradise, even with the weeds.

  5. Great nature photos! The animals are adorable! x

  6. Great photos.. such a busy time in the garden - thank goodness for Daylight Savings kicking in!

    Love the crochet bag.
    Cute goats.I love goats.


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