Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thursday craft - Almost there..

At Jan's today I had remembered to take my camera and this is the view from her lounge where all the craftiness takes place, not too shabby is it and it was a bit of a dull day in the end after a good start to the day with sunshine and a line full of washing that is probably wetter then it went out since it rained on and off the afternoon, ah well it's had an extra rinse!

I took a wander around her place as she has a rather lovely garden and lambs everywhere and I knew you would love to see the babies, who wouldn't want to see baby lambs!
The one below is being bottle fed as his mother couldn't manage two.

Some of the pretty flowers

 More lambs and their mums, they were a bit camera shy and took off when they saw me and the camera, which started a bit of a stampede and everyone ran! Man they are dumb creatures :D

Jan had twin grandsons born recently and she's working on a couple of monkeys for them, her one is on the right, the other was made by Robyn another one of our group, cute aren't they?
 I did some more on my hexagon quilt and I'm almost there but as I sew the hearts and flowers on I find more holes, or I make more as I handle it, some pieces are very delicate. I  have a about 6 more to applique on then I can start work on the border, I've decided to use a vintage sheet for that

Looking good, can't wait to get it finished

I've just had a phone call from our friend and neighbour asking us to dinner and a catch up as we haven't really seen them since we got back from the UK, So I'm off now and I'll see ya next time.



  1. Coming on nicely,very colourful xx

  2. Do not, I repeat, do not drink anything with Lemon in its title!! Have fun.

  3. LOVE the quilt! My mum used to make lots of quilts - my favs were the ones she did for kids called 'I spy' quilts as they were made with all kinds of amazing colourful fabric! Yours could be one of those! Love.

  4. So much loveliness in one post, from lovely scenery, gorgeous flowers, cute lambs, stunning quilt and sweet little monkeys.

    Oh sorry I forgot to answer your question as well, the Water Garden is in Trent Park.

  5. You're making a beautiful job of restoring the hexagon quilt. Love the country and garden pics, our sheep run a mile too when I try and take pics...

  6. The view from your friend's window looks like the Lake District... gorgeous. No, don't like your quilt; it doesn't look right on that bed. I can help you out if you'd like by sending you my address and you could parcel it up and send it to me?!! I'm joking of course... interested in seeing what the border will be like. Work faster Sue xx

  7. That quilt is a work of art and Betty's right, it does look like the Lake District, which has to be a good thing! x


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