Saturday, October 26, 2013

Speed blogging.....

Okay manic week, we have four strapping young French fellas here (HelpXers) and I'm very busy ogling supervising them with a ton of jobs that need doing

They've cleared the veggie garden of weeds and put down a load of weed matting

Reclaimed the paths

Cleared the raised border along the drive

And dug out knee high grass & put down more weed mat ready for river stones to match

Gregoire, Teddy, Sylvain and Florent.....the Gladiators!

They've even swept out the barn, they only arrived Tuesday night and started Wednesday morning !

Here are the lads chilling....
( no idea why Joe was screaming perv at me when I took the top photo!)

Naughty chooks in the veg garden....just thought of another job!

 I've done some work too! I've got the rest of the plants in the drive..

.... and made a start on the border at the back of the house

Annnnnd I've even had time to crochet!
What do you do with a big pile of baling twine?
Well you crochet with it of course!
Watch this space!

That's it for now, it's a long weekend this weekend and I'm already on my second glass of wine.

Have a great weekend ♥


  1. THey have done really well!! Did they clean the barn as a wee hint??

  2. Wow! I'd be out supervising them all day long if it were me! x

  3. In our home/style/who the hell would pay that magazine in our Sunday paper here in Australia there was a doiley crocheted as a mat for an outdoor area I wondered how I could recreate it and you just did that with the baling twine THANK YOU!! I think you should sit and crochet while you perv sorry supervise the Helpxers.

  4. Well,you certainly have some very nice help to look at!! I agree with Vix!

    Looks like lots of things are going on,it's looking good :) Oh,and the projects are looking good as well. LOL!!!!


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