Saturday, November 02, 2013

They came, they dug, they ate, they left

It is quiet in our home today, our four awesome Helpxers moved on today, Au revoir, Bon Voyage and thanks for all the fish (oops) hard work. And work they did...

Felled trees were cut, chopped and stacked in the woodshed

Free wood had the ends trimmed to take off nail holes, ready for repurposing in the garden, Max looks on, one of many bonfires and a beer to ward of the smoke fumes

The mucky goats winter quarters were cleared, jet washed and all used bedding put in the new compost bin
 The new compost bin and it was soon filled with the goats bedding, why do bonfires hold such appeal?
 Lonely foxglove, mammoth dinners to feed the hungry workers, baling twine crochet(a work in progress) and  yep, another bonfire!
 More wood and tidy lawns

And I got pavers to stand on under the washing line
Working to clear a new border 
(sorry doubled up one pic)

Fantastic progress, ready for rotary hoeing and truck loads of mulch

Joe continues to battle with the tree too near power lines

My roses start to bloom and other colour in the garden

A couple of hours helping to clear the paddock
up at the rental house

Group photo shoot before their last supper(last night) me cavorting!

Say fromage! ...and cavort!

Goats looking on, a bit of music, strawberries from the garden, and a game of Rummikub.

The new few days we have to ourselves, another HelpXer should be coming Tuesday, there's always plenty to do, but in the meantime I shall do nothing apart from tidying the house, kudos to all mothers of large families, where do you get the energy to cook, wash and clean? I only had four for 10 days and I'm bloody buggered! You are superstars :D

Hope to catch up on some blog reading over the weekend, hope you are enjoying yours



  1. Wahoo! I love it! That must be majorly satisfying.. Looks great.
    Phew I'm exhausted just looking at all that!

  2. Looking good! Great guys, who is next??

  3. What fun! They've done a cracking job! What's left to do? x

  4. What a nice time was had by all, exhausting, productive and with lots of eye candy...including Joe, if I am going to be honest, which I am...and a surprise at myself that I am actually using the words 'eye candy'. Lordy.

  5. Hey J, we all need a little 'eye candy' once in a while :D
    Vix, plenty always to do, it's ongoing :D
    Sue another Frenchie next week, if he ever emails me back and lets me know about bus times :D
    OSM, I'm exhausted too :D


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