Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thursday crafts - All best laid plans & a big pouffe!

My weekend of crafting didn't happen, instead we ended up having to go to Napier, in Hawkes Bay, about a three and half hours drive, not too far but it's a hard drive, up and over hills and yonder dale!! lol. It's lovely there and we made the most of the trip and stayed overnight at The County Hotel which was lovely, we'll certainly go again. I'm not going to faff about with PicMonkey, sometimes I can't be bothered with that, or do a post about it. It's too far back now to try and bring this week up to date. So instead here's the link to the Facebook album with the photos I took. Click here. Enjoy.

Back to Thursday craft, I am making steady progress on some UFO's, when they are finished I'll share them here. One such UFO is a pouffe, it started out as a bag see here, it's based on the crocheted bag by Lucy over at Attic24 but for some reason it was so huge, perhaps I used a bigger hook by mistake or I just got carried away, who knows. I ditched it and started another. I didn't want to waste my efforts and thought maybe I could store wool in it, but then I had a brainwave! I'll turn it into a pouffe! And here it is....I love it!

First I had to make an inner, using a stretchy type fabric I cut two circles and one long rectangle to size and sewed together to and left a gap so I could pour in the bean bag filling.

I used a large necked funnel, one I use for bottling jam, pickles etc and sellotaped the fabric to it.

I would like to add here that polystyrene balls are bastards! Just saying!!

Trying it on for size

Flipped it over and made sure the top circle was big enough

Using the crochet hook, joined it altogether

Ta dah!!!

I wasn't the only person to get something finished, Ngaire finished her dyed blanket quilt

 And Sammy the  lambie 'forgot' he'd finished his bottle!!

see ya next time ♥


  1. Now that is one very cool poof, I mean pouffe!!

  2. LOVE the pouffe...yeah you must have got carried away because that would have been one huuuggggee bag x

  3. Now that pouffe is seriously fun! What a great idea.

    The dyed blanket quilt looks great as well, I bet it is warm.

    Cute little lamb :-)

  4. I farking LOVE your poof, darl!
    Napier is the number one place on my list to go to in NZ. Can't believe I haven;t made it there yet! XXX

  5. That pouffe is a stunner, god knows how much that would cost in a fancy interiors store! Love the blanket and want a lamb! x


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