Tuesday, November 05, 2013

No one tell health and safety!

The tree that has been giving Joe grief has gone...well almost. The problem with cutting the last trunk down was that it was growing into the power lines. Our friend & neighbour very kindly came across today with his shiny red tractor.....

Discussing tactics

This is where health and safety comes in!

Tying on a chain(good job he holds a certificate in working at heights)

Needs a course on how to get down from a height!!

He ain't heavy he's my neighbour....

annnnnd tug...going....


gone!! Woohoo!

as you were! 
I'll be back tomorrow with more garden progress, we have another Helpxer here for 2 weeks and we've all but cleared another border at the back of the house.

See ya ♥

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  1. Good gord,but all done,no end to joes talents lol xx


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