Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy New Year!!!!

And what a night last night was, we had a great time and I have the hangover to prove it!
Here are the photos...

We scrub up alright eh?


At the Novotel for dinner

 You can't be dressed like we were and not have a cocktail!
Margarita for Joe

Cosmopolitan for me

The meal we had at the Novotel was devine..
We both had Pan seared scallops to start

...and for the mains
Salmon for me

 Eye fillet for Joe, cooked still mooing blue

 Creme brulee for me with a glass of Tia Maria

Joe had the cheese board

On our way to Sky City

The Band

Sue & TOF joined up with us and we decided to walk further into town to see the new year in a pub

The tree in the heart of Hamilton

 You're guaranteed to meet interesting people along the way!
Photo courtesy of Sue
Best to keep on the right side of the law enforcement occifers!
Photo courtesy of Sue
 Sue & TOF at Shenanigans
Photo courtesy of Sue

Should Auld Aquantance be forgot...
Photo courtesy of Sue

So from me and him Happy New Year
We hope that 2014 be a good one for you all, may you be happy and be of good health
and that they find a fast acting cure for hangovers!
Photo courtesy of Sue

Go take a look at Sue's blog today and see more incriminating evidence!


  1. Hangover, what hangover, I don't have me one of them. The bonus of not drinking I guess!!! Glad to have been there and record it for you!!

  2. I wonder if four people should be allowed to have so much fun...and not invite me!!!!

    Great new year!

  3. You two looked fabulous!! Happy New Year,my friend!


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