Saturday, January 04, 2014

In the garden - January 2014

Time to show you the garden and stuff, I haven't done that for a while. We were quite late getting things in but the veggie garden is just beginning to produce goodies. We're having a bit of a nightmare with our tomatoes again this year, we're going to have to find a new site for them next year, we've already pulled out two and another two are looking very sad. We did buy two new plants, pretty big ones, and I picked two toms off there yesterday! We only put them in last week! They were big plants though, I think we will need to go and get a few more or we won't get any fruit this year.

My new veggie beds and the lovely silk tree in full bloom

 Isobel & Cara
 Mac & Donald
 Bronze fennel
 Sad tomatoes


 Even sadder toms
 I finally got some topiary box for the front door
 The lavender has taken, even surviving an attack of the goats!
It still needs small river stones

  Eaten plums! Bloody possum, the trap needs to go out
 More lavender with stones

 Aggies on the drive


  My new herb garden right outside the kitchen door

 Self seeded pansies

 Yellow calla lilies under the Dovecote
 Feijoa flowers
 Silk tree

Sorry about so many pics but sometimes I can't be faffing with PicMonkey!
See ya next time ♥


  1. Garden looking great susan and joe,as usual all the hard work payed off XX

  2. You saw what's going on up here! I loved your photos,I could actually feel warmth from the sun while looking at them.My hubby wants to know if you want to switch houses for a season LOL :)

  3. It's ongoing mum, never stops lol
    Ahh Donna now let me think about that offer.......nope! ;-D

  4. your garden looks wonderful, plus those cows are just too cute. Wondered if you would like to join the GSC a group of bloggers who share their veggie patches each month. would love to get some more folk from NZ on board.

  5. Your garden is looking fantastic, so productive and pretty too! Enjoy the fruit of all your hard work...

  6. Wow your garden is magnificent Sue. Your tomatoes looks okay to me. Mine have been cooked with the heat, so they are very sad looking at the moment...



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