Saturday, January 18, 2014

And another week flies by.......

I can't believe another week has passed, I have been busy though. It's been a while since we did the renovations upstairs and we most definately haven't been in any rush to start any new projects. We're about to start another phase now which involves some changes and at last a new deck, I've only waited 5 years, we haven't used the upper deck in all that time due to it being pretty unsafe. Work will begin taking it down on Joe's next shift round off. 
Another job needed to be done before that however.
We have a three car garage, one bay Joe has wanted to partition off for a while. 

He started and finished that job on Friday...
(click on the photos to enlarge)

The idea of the wall was so that we could put some re-purposed cupboards along it.

Downstairs in a hallway we had these cupboards (top left of the photo below) I've spent the last week emptying them. No mean feat. I could tell you what was kept in them but you'd be in danger of dying of boredom and as I like you and want you to stick around I wont!
In a nutshell, the contents have been sorted, decluttered, found new homes in other places and anything unwanted boxed up for the op shops. 

Today we moved the cupboards up to the our pj's! I'm still in mine!
Bottom left: The wall will need finishing properly and we now have a lovely wide space.
Bottom right: Against the wall in the garage. Joe will secure them with a few screws and then we can fill them again! Ooh ya gotta luv stuff!

And something you don't see here very often...two cars in the garage!

Whilst I was in clean up mode I went through the filing cabinet and shredded all of the old bills plus any other paper I had lying around. I've been given a paper brick maker you see and I thought it was time I made some in readiness for winter.

I used the shredder and then soaked it all in a large bin for 3 days to allow to turn mushy

Then it was time to compress it in the brick maker

 Turn it upside down, tip it out and leave the bricks to dry, it may take a while.
 It doesn't recommend shiny paper even though I did use some. I will now have to beg some newspapers off people as we don't get any. They're pretty easy to make, it's the shredding that takes the time but the shredder makes it an easy job.

In the garden we're picking salad and the courgettes are getting big enough to use.
The tomato plants are looking a lot happier, all it took was tying them up properly! Oops!

We've been having some shocking wind, it's so bloody draining of energy.
This evening I've picked up a basketful of windfall plums, time to get this years batch of plum wine on the go. I don't think I've mentioned yet that we started drinking last years plum wine and it's pretty damned good. I'm not sure I can say the same about the feijoa and pear wine.

That's it for today, enjoy your weekend.



  1. No wonder you haven't been in town to play!! I can supply you with shredded and un shredded paper, can swap for plums if any are spare. Well done Joe for the new wall, is there a wall shout??

  2. Hi Sue... reading this post made me wonder what it is like to have so much space? One of the benefits of living in NZ I guess. Also never seen a paper brick maker before so I will have that as my "learning something new" for the day!! xxx

  3. Once again I am amazed by how much work you guys do all the time. If anyone deserves some version of a Suesday, it is you. And, Joe. Man, what a man!


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