Sunday, January 19, 2014

Kozi Toez - keep yer tootsies warm this winter

I have a friend that makes the most wonderful slippers (and other stuff), I have really cold feet in the winter and these are the only slippers that have ever kept them warm. Their advertisement is at the top of the right hand column and all you need to do is click on the photo to go directly to their website. They make other products too, handmade from possum and sheepskin.
For anyone worried about the use of possum fur...possums are a introduced species in New Zealand and are a classified pest. They wreak havoc in our ecosystem and they eat my fecking plums!

I was going to insert a photo here of me in a pair of their slippers, but I can't find it sorry.
You'll just have to go look at their site.

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  1. Opossums are, I think, sweet creatures, but they do not do any damage here and are pretty good at eating grubs and the like.

    However, this is just like cane toads and other non-native, invasive species. I have always wondered why the practice continued for so long after the first several failed attempts.

    Cannot wait to see your toasty tootsies.


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