Monday, February 24, 2014

On our hols - Te Ngaere Bay , Northland, Far North District

We arrived safe and sound after a total journey time of six hours with two stops, and a lot of road works around Whangarei, so close and yet so far. Still beats the M1 and the M25 in the UK!
After trying to break into the wrong bach (batch-beach/holiday home) and Clyde pooping on their grass (we cleaned it up) easy mistake as it had the same number , the place we were looking for was actually set behind! Oops a daisy!
Joe had a snooze for a bit after we'd unpacked and settled in and I mooched on the sofa.
Time then to walk on the beach....
Naughty Max caught on the furniture!
The beach is about 100metres away!




  You're not Clyde!


And after spending most of the evening waiting for these to load! I'm off to bed!


  1. Have a good holiday Bint!!

  2. Just how I like my beaches, no sunbeds and no chavvy tourists! Jealous! xxx

  3. This looks like heaven on a stick Sue. Emjoy yourselves! cheers Wendy

  4. Nice for you and Joe, of course, but how wonderful an experience for your dogs. Yay!


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