Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Day seven - Just chillin'

Our last full day was spent doing absolutely bugger all, a leisurely start to the day, a stroll along the beach and in the afternoon we put some food in a basket and had a picnic on the beach

The dogs jumped for joy at a full day on the beach with us...

In the evening we soaked in the spa with G&T's and Rum & Cokes

And as you do, start a puzzle on the last night!!
Puzzle time.........

 I got this much done before I went to bed at midnight! Good job I've got one of those things you roll your puzzle up in so I could take it home to finish off there.

........and that was our last full day.
Just one more post tomorrow, I thought you might like to see the bach
So until then, see ya ♥


  1. What a fun time you've had on your trip. I love a good puzzle too, haven't done many the last year or two though.... have you got it done yet?

  2. You certainly had a good time,it lovely you took clyde & max,they looked as they had a brill time,X


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