Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The bach where we stayed at Te Ngaere and coming home

This is where we stayed, the owners call it Dutchies Bach which we booked online through Bookabach, the listing is here.
In New Zealand, bach (pronounced ‘batch’) means ‘holiday house’. Located by the sea, river, lake or forest, baches are all about kicking back. Short for ‘bachelor pad’(goes back to the days of whaling and the whalers small ramshackle homes), the word bach is deeply embedded in the Kiwi psyche - unless you’re from the south of the South Island, where they use the word ‘crib’ when referring to a holiday house. You can read more of the NZ bach here.

At the entrance you can see just how far we had to walk to the beach, follow the road to the centre of the picture, the flat grass area where looks it meets with the island behind, which looks like a hill. The grass meets the beach.

Follow the drive down towards the garage

And nestled cosily behind another bach is Dutchies bach. I should mention here that we did try to get into the bach at the front as they shared the same number!! We couldn't find the key lock (read Joe couldn't find the key lock!) As we were searching the dogs pooped on the lawn(we cleared it up), by now voices were getting raised and in the end I had to climb over the gate (not at all gazelle like) and lo and behold there was a key lock! A lockable safe placed by the steps (as per instructions!!) Sigh!

Soooo we got in..yay! Just inside the door is a small laundry/utility area which leads to the kitchen on the right and another door, to the left of me as I take the photo, leading to the hall, bathroom and two bedrooms.

Dining area

Looking back into the kitchen from the dining area

The lounge/living area

The spare room which we didn't need, would sleep five

The main bedroom

..and a ranch slider to the spa!! How convenient! 

Deck area outside the bedroom

The spa, with a tropical feel

Entertaining area as seen from the spa

Small deck outside the lounge/living area

On the trellis by the steps to the small deck

Frangipani on the steps

A nice place for a cuppa or a glass of wine in the evening
A place to lounge and Al Fresco dining

Looking back to the spa

Standing on the steps to the grassed area

The grassed area was quite large, under the house were where the kayaks are kept and then just to left(out of shot) is access via a gate to the front drive & garage. The far left corner of the photo is where the steps to the decked area are. Plenty of space for us and the dogs. The garden was pretty well contained, it kept Clyde contained at least, I don't think anything has yet been invented that would keep Max contained.....
 And that was our lovely accommodation for the week, we'll definately go back again.
Once we had cleared all our stuff out and cleaned up we had time for one last walk to the beach.

It was hard to walk away with it looking so beautiful

 Hibiscus flower growing at a holiday home by the beach

The bach at the front. We had a beach hut in the UK and I wanted to put oars on the front like this 
and call it the "oar 'ouse'" Joe wasn't keen!

Even the dogs look sad to leave, Max I think was more concerned about the picnic basket under his nose with a picnic in it.  I should mention here that my day of cooking and baking at home really saved us a heap of money. We only did a small top up shop and bought two meals out. With the nearest supermarket a good half hour drive away, it meant we were well supplied and still brought food home with us. I'll do that again for sure.

No clear blue skies driving over Auckland Harbour bridge, Sky tower almost blends into that grey sky. When we had stopped for our picnic earlier it was positively chilly! 
I had to grab a cardigan.
I told Joe to turn the Landrover around head back North.

As we came over the Bombay hills leaving Auckland district behind us we saw The Waikato below us, normally green and lush the distinct lack of rain for the last few weeks has left it's mark and it's looking very dry and brown, although weather forecasts tell us we will be getting the tail end of a cyclone currently passing Vanuatu. So wind and rain is a coming. Northland will bear the brunt of it so perhaps heading home is a good idea.

 Oh and an update on the puzzle, I started it Sunday evening, (the 2nd March) We got home Monday late afternoon and I'd finished the puzzle by lunchtime on Tuesday!! 
Bugger all else got done by the way.....

And that was the final post on our weeks holiday to Northland. I hope you enjoyed it and should you ever get to New Zealand then be sure to put it on your to do list.
Things are all back to normal here, Joe is out there taking down the rest of the deck and I'm outside gardening, well that what Joe thinks!!
see ya ♥♥


  1. Holy cow that isn't a bach that is a house!! It sleeps five you say, well next time I'm coming and I am only one but I could spread myself about a bit I guess!! Bloody gorgeous place!!!! Note how dreary Auckwackland was!!

  2. What a lovely place that is,no wonder you had a great time x

  3. Very nice thanku for th inside scoop we are heading to this bach this week


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