Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thursday craft in the barn and two TA DAH moments!

Joe started taking the rest of the deck down yesterday

By the end of the day it looked like this

 Ta dah!!

Thursday Craft
This past weekend our Thursday craft group had a craft weekend on our barn, I have a pile of UFOs, (UnFinished Objects) that I wanted to work through. I wanted to at least finish one!! I chose a hexagon quilt found some time ago when I volunteered at an Op shop.
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I managed to make some headway over the weekend but it still wasn't finished. We decided to leave the barn set up so we could have Thursday craft there this week.
I am pleased to announce I finished it!

Ta Dah!!!
It's not for our bed, which is a King size, I have something else in the pipeline for ours.
It fits over it quite well.

Oh how good it feels to see it finished!! Next!


  1. Joe done good with the decking,like your bedspread,bet your pleased its done,now whats next lol x

  2. What no builders crack????
    Good effort on the patch working, looks pretty dam good.

  3. This quilt is right up my street... I love the retro purple edging. Did you add that or was it already there? It's just such a fun bright and cheery quilt.

  4. Nice work all of it. I am wondering, however, why there was a trough of hay on the deck. Midnight snack roughage? Handy insulation? Climbing goats?

  5. Gorgeous quilt, good on you for crossing a UFO off the list.


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