Friday, March 21, 2014

Weekly round up: Friday 14th - Friday 21st March 2014

And yep, another week passes in the blink of an eye and I'm sitting here trying to remember what I've done. It's a bit sad when you have to search through photos to bring it all back! That's why I take so many photos, they are my memory!!
Last Friday we were at Sue's for her son Max's 21st, his actual birthday is next week I believe. I didn't take any pics but Sue did and you can see her post here, it was a great evening. And because I'm so hip and with it, I was at another 21st the next night as well! Party animal or what? Mind you I was knackered for about two days afterwards. Gone are the days when the weekend was one long party. Ah well, I partayed enough for everyone back in the day.

On Monday we took the dogs down the beach and then had fish and chips at Raglan Wharf, I reckon we should do this once a week, or at the very least once a fortnight.

On Tuesday my friend Dawn came over for our long awaited mosaics project. The barn has been well used of late. Dawn found a couple of shop dummy torsos on Trade Me a while back and kindly gave me one. We finally got our dates together and set to work.
Both mannequins are the  same as were our ideas of doing swimsuits. The tiles and design are different however. Mine is the top picture.

 Dawn is using large tiles which she is cutting as she goes so quite labour intensive.

Whereas I'm using inch square tiles...

Not finished yet obviously but we've made a start and will resume next Tuesday

Wednesday we had craft in the barn because we were expecting a scheduled power outage on our usual Thursday, no power = no machines and no tea making facilites!!
I'm working on another UFO, yet to be revealed.

Yesterday, Thursday, Joe and I got our work clothes on and made a start on tidying up the garden border by the front door. It was getting overgrown and some dead foliage needed cutting out. I didn't take before photos as I was just SO keen to get outside and start!

Taken from the hallway

From the front entrance

Looking back
 Joe's been putting wooden edging along the edge of the grass to tidy it up, he's carried on with that today whilst I've been out on a "Suesday". Poor bugger had a lot of digging out to do too so that the wood would bend without breaking.
Yeah a Suesday!! But wait hold yer horses I'll get to that in a minute!

 I walked down the slope towards the kitchen and these photos are looking back up, the window is the hall window where I took the first photo

Okay now brace yourselves!! 
It's time for today! A Suesday! A rare occurrence of late!
We had a third person with us today, our mate Kerry, not a Sue I know but we make allowances.
First stop Hospice shop, tops $2.50 each. Plus quilt patterns and bag handles

At the Sallie's in town

Red Cross in Frankton, I've been after the crochet book, and there it was for $1!

At SaveMart

A quick visit to the dump shop I checked out some new wheels! Sue thought I should try taking it up the skateboard ramp that was there, but the battery was flat!
Perhaps a sporty red would be better???

Nice cardi from the Sallies near Sue

From Look Smart blue top which will be perfect for a Fijian beach in August

An assortment of goodies from Habitat for Humanity

And that was  my week, busy but great, just about perfect really. How many people can say that they had a week of doing things they love?
So until next time I'll just say goodbye and leave you with us girlies in all our gorgeousness ♥


  1. Such fun we had!!

  2. Garden looking good,glad you had a great good time at raglan also at the op shops,Bargains again x

  3. The mosaic mannequin is going to be awesome! Loving the colours and wish I could have a go. The crochet book was a gem of a find... it has been in my amazon basket for a year or two. A fancy a chippy tea after seeing yours!!


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