Sunday, March 23, 2014

In the garden - Border by front door = sorted!

If you read my last post, I mentioned that we had been working on the border by the main entrance. It's about mid post here. It was quite a job, you don't realise just how big the border is until you're standing in it pulling out the weeds and cutting off dead foliage, I thought I might find some lost pygmy tribe hidden in there. When Joe was putting the lawn edging in, he had to cut out a fair amount of the grass and earth so that the wood would bend without snapping. He used the right stuff, but it was quite knotty and had dried out a lot with the hot summer we've been having. The first piece snapped like a twig!! With the edging in, more weed matting was laid and as there wasn't enough bark nuggets to spread over the whole area, we went and bought a trailer load today. That was after we had taken all of the cuttings etc to the green recycling place in town. They mulch and compost all green waste and then sell it back to the public.

Here's the trailer filled to the brim...

When we got back and after a bacon sarnie, a chocolate hot cross bun, yes you read that right, a chocolate hot cross bun!!! and two cups of tea we unloaded the trailer.

I still have to finish trimming the hedge on the other side and we will put bark nuggets on the tiers below so that they all tie in, it will also cut down on weeding time.

Yesterday we cleared the huge border yet again of weeds. Because of the lack of rain we've had no grass growth in the paddocks and the only grass that grows in the garden is paspallum, bloody horrible stuff! . If only my plants would grow as well as the weeds!
I've taken a few panoramic shots with my phone camera, they're not brilliant but at least they will give you some indication of just how big this border is. 'IF' we ever get rain again we can start planting, it is autumn after all and as there's no rain forecast for the next 10 days at least it will just have to wait. I ain't the most patient person.

(Click to enlarge the photos, you'll see them better.)
Taken standing in the garden

Taken out of the filthy bay window upstairs.
 Look how dry that hilly paddock is behind.

Plans for the week ahead are mosaics on Wednesday, more crafting in the barn on Thursday and hopefully another Suesday on Friday.
Before that I need to tidy the house but I killed another vacuum cleaner!! Oops!
 I also need to read another book for the book discussion scheme on Thursday, they meet early evening. I'll get to go this time as I missed the first meet up because we were away up North. 
The first book I read was 'The 10pm Question by Kate De Goldi.' I loved it, a great read and set in New Zealand. If you get a chance to read it then do.

I'll start it tomorrow when Joe's sleeping.

Okay that's me done, see you next time


  1. Don't start with the choccy cross buns Sue, they are addictive!

  2. Chocolate hot cross buns? Not keen on the sound of that! Your gardens are looking fabulous, hope you get some rain soon. I'm glad you enjoyed The 10pm Question, I found it a lovely 'Kiwi' read... and my 13 year old has enjoyed it too.


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