Saturday, March 08, 2014

Day four of our Northland holiday and my birthday (27th Feb) outing to Cape Reinga

You might want to go grab a cuppa before you start reading this post! At the very least go have a pee!
It's a big 'un.....enjoy!

 We were picked up at 8.30am, the last to board. We had a long day ahead of us. Some had already been on the bus for a good while before we got on. First stop was for morning tea at Taipa Bay.

Panoramic shot, click on it to enlarge.

Back on the bus and out next stop was Gumdiggers park
Gumdiggers Park is an authentic Kauri Gum digging site over 100 years old. Maori, European & Dalmation people formed this now forgotten gum digging culture and provided the basis for one of the biggest industrial boomx on New Zealands history.
See more here
Now for today's history lesson

In Joe's hand is some tiny particles of amber, Kauri gum


Kauri gum, Amber. (In the shop)

Trying to turn the clock back! Do I look younger?

It's quite the Kiwi thing to have a whole manner of things attached to fences, our bus driver thought they were silly, I think they are good fun. After the jandal fence the other day we now have a gumboot fence AKA the good old welly boot.

Then it was back on the bus where we had a lengthy drive.
After lunch we took a 20 minute drive to Cape Reinga, the top of the world....well New Zealand at the very least.

These photos will not do this place justice.
It was truly beautiful.
Quite a walk down to the lighthouse and then there was the walk back!

 Me on top of the world on my birthday

Where the Tasman Sea meets the Pacific Ocean


We could have stayed here much longer and drunk that view in some more but the thing with bus tours us that you're on a rather tight schedule, it didn't help that one particular group were always late back to the bus.
It was a fantastic tour however and our driver was very informative.

Just a short drive away is  90 mile beach, first though we stopped at Te Paki Sand dunes for a spot of dune surfing. When I say we I mean Joe did!! I made a little video, I just hope it works!


After everyone had knackered themselves out, we were back on the bus and drove onto 90 mile beach, it wasn't far and we were all out again paddling our feet in the surf and taking photos.

Time then to rest a while as the bus drove us for what seemed an age along the beach, it's a very long beach...hence the name! Once we left the beach we headed to the Ancient Kauri Kingdom Workshop
 This huge kauri trunk housed a hidden treasure, no not Joe, but a staircase.

The face carving was huge! And some of the other carvings on sale.

Just time for a quick photo outside

Are you still with me? Almost done....

Our final destination was Mangonui fish and chip shop

and that was our day out. It was a very full day but we loved it, we got to see and learn a lot of the area. Definately a must do if you ever come to New Zealand.

The dogs were very pleased to see us they had been left for at least 11 hours I think.
They got a well deserved walk to the beach, Clyde dug (OCD)

 Max stuck to Joe

And I enjoyed the view.....

 Cheers ♥


  1. Great pics,it looked good there,joe very impressive surfing weeeeeeeee glad you had a great time,its not before time going to all different places,you have only been there 10yrs april lol X

  2. Stunning, what a beautiful part of the country, one I hope to visit... one day.... Happy Birthday, looks like a wonderful way to spend it!

  3. it's fab isnt it!
    we feel so incredibly lucky to live up here!
    We went to Mangonui on Wednesday for my birthday! Great people go there on their birthday!! :)
    The weather was amazing. We've not been up to the Cape on such a stunning day! xxx


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