Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Kite surfers at Raglan, fish and chips and an epic fail!

Yesterday Joe was in between night and day shifts, this seems to have become the day we hop in the Landrover with the dogs and head to Raglan beach, they get their long walks and a play and we have fresh cooked fish and chips at the wharf.
Somebody get's a little bit excited! Mind you he was more worried about the meat pie Joe had put on the gear shift console! He nearly had it too!

 The weather was quite different to our visit there last week, it was much cooler for starters and although still not cold, a cardigan was very welcome on the beach. There was quite a wind and the sea was thrashing about quite merrily. 

The dogs of course don't really give a monkey's and love it whatever the weather.


The windy weather brings out the kite surfers, I have to say it looks very exhilarating.

A short video of all the photos I took of the kite surfers

All that fresh air certainly gives you and appetite! These fish and chips were much better than last week, they had a huge  order before us and when we got ours they were slightly overcooked, still nice but a tad disappointing. This week though they were spot on, John Dory, Gurnard & chips. Yummo!

Epic fail!
So that was yesterday, a pretty nice day all around and I was looking forward to today's craft in the barn. Dawn was coming back around and we were to continue with our mosaics that we started last week, I put pictures in the blog post here. We were both very pleased with our efforts last week and couldn't wait to get on with it today. We set up the table tennis table, covering it in newspaper, got all of our equipment together, Dawn lifted her torso onto the table and I picked up mine.................and..... 
ALL.... THE..... F*****G..... tiles..... fell.... off! 
Every..... single.... one! 
Had we a swear box handy I would have put enough in it for spending money for our Fijian holiday!
 The tiling cement I used obviously wasn't right for the job!
 I'll have to try and get it off the back of the tiles sometime, they are soaking in a bucket of water.
So, back to square one! I found some abrasive sandpaper, and scored the torso where I wanted to use tiles. I then used some very strong PVA glue (stolen from Joe's shed and used for putting up plaster board sheets!) and brushed over the tiling areas. Dawn very kindly let me use some of her tiling adhesive and I added more of the PVA into the powder and water.
There is no way them buggers are coming off!
I managed to get back to were I was last week and did a little bit more. Sigh!!

Dawn's is looking pretty cool, next time she's adding a stripe of yellow! 
And ya know? Not one of her tiles fell off! 

And that's me for today, it's Chilli con Carne for dinner, Joe's just got home, time to eat.
see ya ♥


  1. Great pics again,clyde and max certainly enjoys their selves fish and chips looked good and the little videos x

  2. Hope you bought home that colourful shell. Good old Rag town, you cannot beat the wild west coast.

  3. Love the photos! The tiles on the torso is a really neat idea :)


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