Friday, March 28, 2014


Joe's thinking he should take up cake baking......

.......and Jinx is thinking maybe she should take up diving.....

I'm thinking Joe should share that cake and Jinx should stop lolling around in the sunshine!

I'm also thinking that there hasn't been a Friday funny for a long time...
I just need to figure out who that someone could be!

Have a great weekend everyone ♥


  1. You know, until I read what you wrote about Jinx and really looked at the photo, well, following Joe's new career move it looks like she has just rolled over in a dusting of flour. Which I know, now, is the sunlight in which she is practicing her diving.

    So, what new jobs are you and the puppies going to have?

  2. Hi J :D I'm thinking my new job should be chief cocktail taster on some desert island :D As for the dogs, perhaps they could learn to serve said cocktails as their new vocation lol

  3. Cocktail serving dogs. Brilliant!


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