Sunday, March 30, 2014

All dressed up with somewhere to go....

Last night we met with some friends and went out for a Thai meal at a restaurant the other side of Hamilton, it's not to far from where our friends Liz & Mark live. We meet up every now and again, often for Indian or Thai. We have a favourite Indian where we've gone to in the past, but now Liz & Mark have moved across town, we'll alternate and that way no-one has to do all the traveling.

All dolled up.....the dress is the one I bought last week on Suesday. The peacock blue top(what do you call these tops? It's not a cardi, not a jacket! Buggered if I know what to call it) I've had for ages and I've not worn it (I don't think), until I saw it perfectly matched the peacock blue in the dress! 

Ta dah!

I've had this bag for an age too and quite possibly the first outing it's had.
Talking of Peacocks...... here's Liz & Mark, who's surname, just so happens to be 'Peacock!'

Us Webbers and a rather stupendous cleavage!

My meal, one of the Chef's special, 
Thai Aroma Sizzling Lamb : marinated lamb stir-fried with Thai herbs, spices and seasonal vegetables, very tasty

It was a lovely evening, thank's guys, especially reliving Live Aid on DVD! Very cool. Need to come back sometime and watch the other 8 hours!


Today we had a lazy morning and this afternoon we drove out to Gordonton to check out the big sale at Wairere Nurseries. We came away with a Landrover full of fruit trees, I'll share those when I do Aprils Garden Share Collective.

When we got back home a goat, Echo, was out of the paddock....again! She's been doing that a lot lately, we're getting low on grass and she's walking through the fences looking for green stuff. So that she doesn't find her way into the garden and eat all my precious plants, action had to be taken!!

This is what all fashionable goats are wearing this season.

I hope you're all having a great weekend.
See ya next time ♥


  1. Bet that is making really made! Of course Echo is always going to be somewhere else that's what echoes do.( very creative )

  2. Fact of the day... it's a "waterfall" cardie Sue!! I love your peacock outfit, my colours entirely. The device fashioned for Billy goat looks a little painful but I'm sure its not. It's going to be a nice day here, the sun is out. Have a good week x

  3. Glad you had a good time you looked very smart,poor echo lol x

  4. I will have to tell our neighbours about Echo's fasion statement, they have a Jack Russell that is getting out and it has come across the street with water filled plastic milk bottles dragging behind it. They have tied the stick around the neck but only did one, so I might suggest three! We don't mind getting out but when it tried to take on the garbage truck last week it became a bit of a hazard, because it was going to win the battle. You looked great and the meal looked yummo!!

  5. Lovely outfit and purse!!!

  6. Poor old goaty!!!
    LOVE Thai food, and you looked bloody gorgeous! XXX


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