Friday, April 04, 2014

One Thursday craft is worth three in the week.........

It's been a crafter's heaven here this week, it was like having a job but not!
Well it wasn't quite 3 days of crafting, more like two days and then a third day craft related.

Mosaics on Wednesday
Dawn came over and we carried on with the mosaic torso's, I am very pleased to report that all the tiles on mine stayed on this time, so I was happy with that and Dawn was relieved I didn't start swearing like a truckie again! Sometimes the only word worth saying is an expletive.

So here are the girls...


They need to be grouted of course and they're done, we're already planning the next project. Just not sure whether to do another mosaic or try a bit of decoupage.

Thursday Craft
We're still managing to have craft sessions in the barn, although the drought broke on Thursday and we had some rain, it was very welcome. It did brighten up by the afternoon which is good as we were all getting a bit chilly. I must have a word with the management about some better lighting so we can close the big door on cold days. It's too dark otherwise.
I wanted to finish another UFO, there wasn't much left to do. Some of you may remember the tea towel tablecloth I made a while back. It has been used but I really wanted to do some stitchery to hold the back to the front. Some of it had been done and I got the bulk finished last week. All I had to do was some French knots in the middle of the daisies.
The tablecloth

I've done smaller daisy chains just in from the four corners.

And then a longer chain running up the centre, not the best photo, sorry.

Once that was done I had time to start a new project. I've been wanting to make a quilt using some of the stash of embroidered linen I've been collecting from the Op Shops.
I managed to get a few squares cut out, I'm going to follow the same pattern as Ngaire and Jan used on their quilts. I'll show you those in a minute.
Here are the squares so far....
More will be revealed as I go.

Ngaire and Jan have been working very hard on two quilt tops, both doing the same design, but Ngaire used bigger blocks for hers. Both used leftover scraps.

...and Jan's

Today: Five go on an adventure to a Quilting Patch
The quilt shop in Cambridge(nearby town) has closed but the lady who owned it is having a total stock clearance sale at her house. I wasn't expecting it to look like a shop! But it pretty much was, just in the back of her home. There was just too many fabrics to choose from. I very nearly came away empty handed, except for a pattern and some braiding. Yes I know that's hardly empty handed is it! Is for me!! Just as everyone was finishing up, I spotted a basket with fabric, 1/2 m for $5, it was was too much to resist, I also bought 2 x 1m for $10 each.
All of this for $40, which is a very good price.

3 rolls of braid for $2, I got 6

Which were added to the others I have on this, a trouser hanger, $1 from an Op shop recently and the idea taken from an idea on Pinterest. I so love Pinterest, I spend more time on there that Facebook these days, it's much more fun.

Great idea isn't it?
Okay so back to the quilt place, we were on our way out of the door, honest. Then someone said did you but some of the oriental fabrics? No! We did! Oh! Go look! Okay! Oohh! Get some they yelled! Okay said I! I admitted that I had no will power. a lady laughed out loud at that! 
Well, could you resist these 40 squares for $16? Bet you couldn't!
Lastly, on our way out, this time we really were on our way out, my radar picked up on a "free" signal! In a box were some clear plastic tubes. I grabbed six.
This afternoon I put them to good use, I sorted through my button stash and now it all looks like this

And that's me done. Joe will be home shortly with cheese and wine.
My fav!!

See ya next time ♥ 
I'll just leave you with these...
Have a great weekend x



  1. Love the mosaics Sue and all your other projects. Well done. Also love all your updates. I have started blogging again after a big break - it's great to get back into it xxx Rachael from Critter Cottage

  2. Patchwork and mosaic swimsuits, effing brilliant! I love your creations. xxx

  3. You just have to admire such amazing restraint. I would have bought so much more. You know, last chance, great prices, last chance, cool fabrics. Oh, and last chance.

    I guess there are always more chances, but not at that particular place. As for will power, it is completely over-rated.

  4. One more thing. I made an assembly piece at a gallery decades ago and recently came across photos of it, as well as the one mannequin I saved, which was re-imagined and is in my living room.

    Found objects like that are a dream.

  5. Hi Sue, what a wonderful, creative blog. I'm just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris


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