Sunday, April 13, 2014

I'm winning - and a challenge for you crafters

Joe worked overtime today and will again tomorrow so I've been home alone. What else is there to do in situations like this but craft. So back up the barn I went.....

Stitchy, stitchy, stitchy!

After working on the dyed wool blanket quilt for some of Friday, Saturday and the best part of today I have managed to hand quilt 3/4's of it! My fingers are rather sore.

I'm toying with the idea of putting something in these small squares, not sure what or if I'll put anything there. I won't decide until I've finished the quilting and put binding around the edges. I thought something appliqued? Maybe, whaddya think?

If you remember the recently finished hexagon quilt, I used a vintage sheet for the border.

Some time ago I made this cushion, using the same sheet and an embroidered doilie.

I thought I would make another...

A matching pair!

A challenge!
I can be the world's worst at finishing things. There are often so many things I want to do that I leap from one project to another leaving too many unfinished. 
As you can see I'm finally getting through them, if I don't finish them now there is a good chance they will never get finished.
So now I challenge you to finish at least one project by the end of April. That's just over two weeks, can you do it? 
Go on, you know you want to.
When you've finished one, leave a comment with a link to your blog page (here-on-in called the evidence) and in the first month of May I'll link to all of your pages.
Are you up for it? Ready, steady, go!

I bet you sang that didn't you

 I'm off, can't see straight and I need to put my feet up.
See ya next time♥


  1. Those are just stunning - you really are talented x

  2. Love your dyed wool blanket! For what it's worth, it looks almost finished to me!. Maybe just quilt around the little squares?

    1. Hi Charlotte, yeah it is pretty much, just 6 more rows of quilting stitch to do. When it's completely done I'll ask the question again, it's where the vertical and horizontal quilting lines cross over, they create the little square space, I'll dither over it for a while :D

  3. The blanket quilt is looking really good, you will need it soon because mother nature is about to deal us a hum dinga of a winter I suspect!!!

    1. I think you might be right but it has to get really cold before we need to use it, my inbuilt central heating system works overtime at night :D

  4. Oh I've got so many projects half done … I really need some extra incentive to get something finished … mind you the chances of any of them being done by the end of April are slim … very, very slim :0)

    1. Pick one, lucky dip, go with it. Don't make me come over!! lmao :D

  5. Haha! I did sing the song! my machine is knackered so I will admire all the wonderful creations that you and your lovely crafty people make - your quilt is beautiful, it'll be so cosy - and I like the diolie's too, now ,rest your poor fingers and eyes! x x x

  6. I will rest.....once it's done :D I'm a bit of a bugger once I've got my teeth into something :D

  7. Loving your blanket blocks, and the cushions....
    I'm up for a challenge, goodness knows I need the motivation of a deadline!

    1. Good girl Nicky, let me know when you can tick one of your list :D


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