Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Mosaics - and they're done!

Here are the final results of all our work over the last few weeks, we will weather proof them soon. Not that either of them will be out in real harsh elements, but most likely in a sheltered place on a covered deck or similar. We're very pleased with our efforts, looking at mine again I see there is a tiny bit of tidying up on the grouting. I have to report that I have a nice little slice in the top of my middle finger from a sharp edge, it's right on where I press the keys on the keyboard. I have a knack of slicing, cutting & nipping off bits of my fingers for the sake of creativeness! The sacrifice is worth it!

So Ta Dah moment coming right up!


There must have been some firing problems with the tiles as some grout has gone into some very fine holes, they may or may not clean up with a toothbrush. I'll use Joe's, he'll never know!

and Dawns

We're now planning what to do next, I'm keen to do an old concrete bird bath that is lying around in the veggie garden. It weighs an absolute ton, so I'll have to find a place to work on it that won't require it being moved until it is put into position in the garden.

Short post today, see ya next time ♥♥


  1. One word - fabularse! xxx

  2. I love them! P.s I always read and should comment more

  3. Very Nice. Like really nice and cool.

    It is one thing to acknowledge one's creativity, but your drive and amazing ability to express all of that power is wonderful. So is your ability to share all of it, the successes, surely, but sharing your process is helpful to everyone.

    I think about, sometimes, how many people you have helped, how many lives you have changed because someone reads here and is empowered to take that leap of confidence to make things for themselves. You know, that happens when people read here.

    Oh, and sorry about your little, delicate finger. The faint and interesting scar will remind you that sometimes you should probably wear gloves when working with sharp ceramic edges. Just saying.

  4. How cool is that! Very creative :)

  5. These are truly stunning. I see a lot of mosaic projects through work but yours are very original. I love them :D


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