Wednesday, April 09, 2014

In the kitchen - Baking

Joe's been at me for the last week or so to bake a cake and I've been putting it off, but I was in the mood for something sweet with my cuppa. So I set to in the kitchen, I went with the old faithful Boiled sultana cake and it's foolproof recipe, foolproof unless you're me! I knew something wasn't quite right when I put it in the oven, now having posted the link to the recipe I realise I've left out the cup of hot water! Oops! It looks okay but  it might be a tad dry! Should have checked my recipe, it was right in front of me! Dozy bint. Might have to moisten it with brandy!

I had much better success with my butterfly cakes, I use the same mix as for Victoria Sponge.
I used double mixture and muffin tins as they are deeper, they took about 20mins at 180°C.
After they've cooled on a wire cooling tray I use a knife, and a gentle sloping cut and take out a circle from the middle of the cake then cut it in half. I put a tsp of strawberry jam(homemade) in the well, then a big tsp full of butter icing (half butter to icing sugar and a few drops of vanilla essence) then put the halves back on top. Sprinkle with icing sugar.
 Butterfly cakes

Just when I thought I had served my time in the kitchen, Joe woke up (on night shift last night) and said was I still making egg and bacon pie or had I forgot? I'd forgot! Double oops!
I pretty much used this recipe from the Edmond's cookbook, I didn't add milk or measure the ingredients.
I just wing it!

I fried up the onions, bacon & veg and let it cool, added 2 of the eggs before putting the mix in the pastry lined loaf tin.

It doesn't have to look pretty, it ain't Masterchef!

I put half the mix in first, dropped in four eggs....

and placed the rest of the mix on top.

sprinkled some grated tasty cheddar cheese on top

Lay more pastry to cover, attempted fancy edges, could be Masterchef?

Baked as it said in the recipe above, just watch the pastry doesn't burn, cover it with foil if it looks like it might. When you remove it from the oven, let it cool in the tin for about 5 minutes then tip out. I let it cool for a further few minutes on a wire tray. It sets better for slicing.

Ta dah!! Now this does look pretty! 
  Nom, nom, nom.

Thursday tomorrow, so hopefully more craft to report on.
Thanks all for your lovely comments recently.
It's lovely to hear from you ♥

See ya next time ♥


  1. Yum! Looks good :)

  2. You have been busy in the kitchen. I love the savoury items.( the veg in the pie makes it more interesting!) Your brandy solution should work or any fruit juice- orange or even lemon.

    1. It's not too bad to be honest, it is a tad dry. If you continue to follow my blog you'll soon realise that non alcoholic options are rarely considered!! :D lmao hahha


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