Thursday, April 10, 2014

Thursday Craft in the barn - Stashbusting quilt

Today I planned to carry on with the new quilt I want to make using embroidered doilies from my stash that I started cutting out last week here. Below is my wasn't this tidy when I started this morning. I started cutting strips to add to the embroidered squares then quickly realised my stash was a mess. It took best part of the day to sort it all, I didn't realise I had so much fabric, well okay then I did, I was in denial!
After sorting the stash, which I'll show you in a minute, I tidied my work station

The embroidered doilies.tray cloths etc, I'm saving some of the leftover linen after I've cut the embroidered parts out. I've kept the lovely crocheted edges for repurposing.

Scrappy bits of fabric

Cutting space
2 1/2 inch strips

Now for the sorted stashes......

pre-cut florals found at an op-shop

more pre-cut and pieces already sewn together
Mauves, blues & greens

Browns, beiges & creams

Reds. oranges & yellows

Black & whites with some splashes of colour. A quilt for the making!

This is me, apparently, so Sue said when she gave it to me

Squares, the oriental pack and 2 moda vera packs
Other stuff

And then I got to work, I didn't get too much done but it's a start and I'm quite excited by it so far, I think it's going to be a very pretty quilt. If I get chance tomorrow I'll get cutting again, now I have a clean area to work in it should be a breeze.

see ya next time ♥


  1. that quilt is going to be really nice, so nice it would look fabulous draped over my aging knees at my place!!!!!! Thanks mate.

  2. Oh looks like you had fun with all these fabrics - what a great stash! Love what you have done so far, it is going to look fabulous.

    1. Cheers luv, it was a mission sorting them out but glad I did it.

  3. I have a bag of vintage linen, I must use it in my quilts xxx

    1. I got the inspiration from Nikki Trenches book A passion for Quilting, she has a quilt made purely from embroidered tray cloths, I liked that idea but wanted to use some of my stash too, so the stashbuster quilt was born :D

  4. I thought it was sacrilege that u were cutting up the beautiful old linen but have to admit that the quilt is looking fantastic.

    1. Cheers Dee, don't worry about the linen, I've got some really gorgeous ones I would never cut up, these ones had stains or marks that wouldn't come or had holes in. This way they get another life :D

  5. Howdy! By some minor moracle I have been able to open your blog today! And I saw the last few posts too! So I'm quickly gonna comment before it freezes up! Dumbarse computer.
    I LOVE the linen in the quilt - great use for those old bits I recon, coz they're too nice to actually wipe your mouth/hands on at the table eh! That bacon and egg pie is inspirational! I wish I'd seen that yesterday as I made a very lame excuse for a boring as hell quiche last night.
    Catch ya


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