Friday, May 30, 2014

I'm back with reports on a Suesday!

I've been going stir crazy this week from not getting out, so when Sue asked if I was coming out to play I jumped at the chance. It seems this week the forces have been working against us, two mornings ago Joe couldn't got out of the drive as someone decided they didn't like out fence by the front entrance so drove into it and also shifted the cattle stop so Joe couldn't drive over it!!
The fence! What's left of it!!

The cattle stop, the right edge shouldn't be that far under the fence!

The left edge should be up against that piece of wood.

The mystery was soon to be solved when our neighbour rang up and confessed, his tyre blew out and he lost control! He came down to the house apparently but it  was the night we decided to have and early one and didn't hear him! At least it wasn't some hooligan!
Then today, five minutes, if that, after Joe had gone off to work he rang to say he had hit a tree! WTF! A big branch had broken off a tree further down the road! No damage done and it had been cleared by the time I went out.
And then! I couldn't find my purse! 
I was truly starting to think I should just go back to bed!
Anyway I managed to get to Sue's without further incident and the op shopping began in earnest.
We hit them all I reckon, well nearly all and it was great fun as always. We had lunch out too at Lola's in Dinsdale, I reckon having lunch out is good for you once in a while, we're worth it.
Here's their Facebook page

So here are my finds of the day, in no order and I can't remember where the heck I got it from or what it cost, does it matter? hahhaha! It was a bookish day...

Linen and fabric

 Another embroidered tablecloth and some festive thingies..

Some iron on embroidery transfers in a book and some iron on patterns, 
not sure how they will look but I was intrigued.

A selection of books, a couple of classics, plus the 10pm question, a book we read in out book discussion group which I really enjoyed.

...and that was my lot for the day.

I wanted to also remember my friend Sharon again today. Her funeral was on the 22nd and her family did her proud, the church, and later, the crematorium was overflowing with so many people wanting to pay their last respects. My mum & dad and my sister Sandra were there too, which I greatly appreciate. At the crematorium a friend of the family who did the eulogy read out my poem. 
Of that I am very thankful. 
Speaking to my sister Sandra the other day, she told me of a hymn they sang at the church, 
called I watch the sunrise by Kathryn Crossweller. It's a beautiful hymn.

  Another song played was The first time ever I saw your Face, one of my favourites which now will always have a special place in my heart


So on today which would have been her 51st birthday, I remember her again. Always in my thoughts and forever in my heart dear friend. You should still be here, it's not right. xx

Thank you for bearing with me. I'll be back this weekend with Junes Garden share collective post, where nature just keep going.


  1. Hi Sue, what a lovely tribute to your friend - the songs are beautiful, I'm sure they will bring back strong emotions whenever you hear them. Great op-shopping trip, it's always fun to find some goodies, isn't it? Sorry I didn't reply to your comment on my post, you showed up as no-reply and I didn't have time before I went away to hunt you down :-) Hope you are staying warm down there!

  2. Sounds like you've been having quite a time of it lately ... but things are turning a corner if that fabulous haul is anything to go by. Take care of yourself.

  3. Lovely memories of your dear friend, they are forever in our hearts. great opshopping spree for the 'Sues', I like the embroidered tray cloths in the first photo.

  4. Lovely songs the Roberta Flack one always brings a lump to my throat as I lost a dear one whose song that was. Your calamities will make you laugh in a few weeks. Everything seems to happen all at once don't they. Hang in there my friend. Love your haul from the op shops!

  5. It's all or nothing sometimes, I'm so glad you got to have a Suesday, Suesdays are very important! your haul of awesome-ness is very impressive, the fabrics are beautiful - both songs are so beautiful, the service sounded very special and deserved of your beloved friend x x x

  6. Yay! Suesday is back!! Sorry to hear the road has been bumpy Sue and emotionally hard. We've been to America, so I have to catch up with missed posts. Hope your winter season brings some delights, I can't believe we are now in summer here. British summer is probably my least fave season as it tends to disappoint but you never know. Take care, Andrea


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