Friday, June 13, 2014

What's the buzz? I'll tell ya what's a happenin'.............

 Michael and Natasha moved in with us last weekend, it's a temporary arrangement until the top house, which currently has tenants, becomes vacant, then they will be moving in. 
I'm very happy about that.
They were pretty busy bringing their stuff over and now our garage looks like this!

The calf (really a yearling) I mentioned last time didn't make it.

On a frosty start to the day we tried to get him on his feet.

He was eating and looked otherwise well, but he couldn't support his weight
It didn't work so our farmer neighbour came and euthanised him, it was quick and painless.

That same night the partner of said farmer, held a suprise (belated) 30th for her son in our barn.

This week it rained....and rained...and rained!
It flooded in some places down our road. The Paddy field at Jan's place.

I don't think I've seen it gush through the culvert quite so bad

Then at the end of the road we encountered this. Apparently when Michael had left much earlier he had to drive through 3 small floods like this!
His feet got wet as it came in through the car doors!!!
It had gone by the time we got back from town
The Waipa river had risen about 3 metres and today when I passed it had spilled over into the paddocks on the far side! Apparently it is receding already.
BUT we have more rain forecast! This winter isn't looking good!

At craft on Thursday at Jans, this is what we could see of the neighbours paddocks from her window.
Again it was receding by the time I left that afternoon.

Ngaire is still plodding on with her quilt.
It's called an Eye spy quilt.

I started cutting out pieces to make one for my nephew in the UK, the pic below is just an example 
of piecing, I won't necessarily match those colours.

A box of cut pieces ready for sewing

Today was.......

I found these....
and NZ flag bunting...
and more moccona jars...big ones!
pretty doilies

and two gorgeous tops!

And if all that wasn't to be dealing with, guess who arrived today?
Michael & Natasha got themselves a puppy! His name is Astrix

9 1/2 years ago we took a similar photo when we got Clyde

Oh and I didn't show you who else is staying with us! 
Their cats!! Little pud..
 and big pud!

and I think that is more than enough for one day!
Have a lovely weekend
I'm really sorry I haven't got to anyone's blogs
It's been a tad busy! lol ;-D



  1. Astrix is related to Clyde! Pretty dam cute!

  2. Busy post, so much happening, so much rain too! Cute puppy, I hope all the extra's settle in. You two Sue's sure look like you have fun!

  3. Oh look at Astrix ... too, too cute ... I love seeing the other doggies meeting him :0)

  4. I'm sorry to hear about the calf -
    the house does look full! it must be lovely, all the noise and laughter (not the mess, oh no!) you 2 Sues crack me up, you mad pair of rebels! your goodies though are fab, the tops are gorgeous, now put your feet up and have a glass of something alcoholic, have a great weekend Sue! x x x

  5. Crikey!! So much happening at your place Sue. I am exhausted just reading about it lol. So sad to hear about your baby calf, you gave him a best chance, but it was not meant to be :(

    I have been a slack blogger this year, but hopefully I can get back on track now :)

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend,



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