Monday, June 23, 2014

Updates from the mad house!

Hello beveryody peeps!! I am still here...just! It's been pretty busy and hectic here of late but in a good way. Michael, Tash, big pud, little pud and Astrix the pup have all made themselves at home, big pud has calmed down a bit although he is still a bit nuts. Being nuts however is compulsory of you want to live here! I was normal was the worst 5 minutes of my life! haha!
So what have I been up to? Well quite  a bit really, that's what it feels like......I just tell it in photos!

On Saturday we went to see the All Blacks & England rugby game here in Hamilton...
First we had a drink in The Londoner Pub

Then after a Turkish meal, were multi ethnic that way.. 
we made our way to the stadium and had a drink in the Waikato Supporters club

Sorry dreadful photos from my phone camera...England lost! Not a good week for English sport!
Good job I don't give a rats bottom innit! 

 After nodding off during the second half the game finally ended, 
we had a quick drink in the supporters club again

 Then it was off into town for a bit of a knees up with the young'uns!

And so to today, Sue had arranged to meet up with a fellow blogger and asked if I wanted to tag along too, there was a spot of op shopping to be had afterwards, so how could I refuse! Before we even got out of her house I came away with a bag of goodies, sent down by Sue's sister...
Woven bag and great big chunky necklaces, there was  top too, but not my colour so I'll pass that on to a friend, thank you Helen! 
Sue's blog post is here Make sure you go take a look!!
I'm so glad I went, we met Julie, her blog is My Threadbear life, such a lovely morning at her lovely home, it was to die for, her mum was there knitting, we had tea in spotty cups and banana and bran muffins! Then we had a look around her shed in the garden, a shop that sells her wonderful crafty makes, and other things from crafty friends. I bought this rather cute brooch..
I hope to go back real soon I've promised to teach Julie to crochet.

After dragging ourselves away, it really is a place you could stay all day we went to get in a big of op shopping in Te Awamutu, I didn't get too much as I left my purse at home and Joe had to get me some pocket money so I could go play... here are my few finds..
Two tulip garden thingies, great for putting a glass of something is when sitting in the garden! 
Sue reckoned candles but ya can't drink a candle! Well I could then I would really wax lyrical! 
$5 each from the Red Cross shop

Upholstery fabric $1 Animal welfare shop

Salvation Army shop $1

We've got some crappy weather coming in so I hope to catch up on some blog reading
See ya next time.


  1. You not only have to be nuts to live at your place you know, being nuts is compulsory for the visitors too!!! Great day out Grandma of fur children!! You did not share how you pulled on Saturday night!!

    1. Nobody needs to hear of that....ever!! :D

  2. Sounds like an adventurous weekend! Great to see all your photos. Some rugby game huh :-)

    1. Let's not mention the rugby again....ever!! :D

  3. I love that 'I was normal once, worst 5 minutes of my life' just brilliant haha! I have just read Sue's comment, who did you pull?!! I love it! I always get men 'of a certain age' I do 'matronly' very well haha! it's my boobs! x x x

    1. Pulled a young chap, he was only 69!! And I don't want to be normal again....ever!! :D

  4. Loving those furry grandkids.
    So glad you & Sue, had another 'Suesday' out to meet Julie. Awesome home aye & her shop, well I find it hard to keep my purse in my handbag.

    1. Hi Leeanne, make sure when you're down next to let us know! It will be awesome xx

  5. Hiya Sue, Mum & I had such a neat day with you girls visiting & lots of laughs too .. trying to relate the story at tea last night about your fur granchild pooping on the floor ... just not quite as funny without you telling it but we were laughing hysterically !!!!!! Thanks so much for making the trip - it was wonderful meeting both of you.
    So .... you didnt get a pic of the guy that hit on you on Saturday evening then !!!!???? :-)

    1. Looking forward to seeing you again soon :D And no pictures! But ya never know someone might have some on their cameras :D

  6. Normal is so overrated ;0)


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